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With vast knowledge and experience about something, we often feel to express those in a piece of paper or a blog. We want to share our experience and knowledge about that niche with the crowd through our writing. Similarly, if you also feel that you have gained much knowledge on any niche, let’s consider fashion.

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Then, you can also try something new to share your experience and ideas through your blogs. You can simply write some informative or your experience blogs on our platform, and gain popularity through our platform.

There are no such restrictions on posts and deadlines that can stop you from writing your heart out on our platform. But, the only thing that you need to keep in mind while writing a fashion blog, you have to follow the guidelines we have mentioned to get your post approved by our analysts.  

Isn’t “write for us” a great opportunity to express the fashionista brain or promote your fashion business. Just think, if you start your blogging site from scratch, how much time will it need to get famous.

But, if you get a platform filled with audiences, ready to read the knowledge shared by you, then there will be no need for your blog promotion, as you will be getting pre-existing traffic. 

Why Choose Us?

Call it a hobby or a way of promotion, blogging has a great scope in the future. Blogging lets you express the heart out or a way for you to share the gathered knowledge on fashion. Moreover, fashion isn’t a small field that can be described on a piece of paper. It is such a niche, on which a few books won’t be sufficient. So, fashion blogging is a great way to stay on a blogging platform for a longer period. With such higher scope, why should you choose us? 

Excellent Traffic

What can be called a success for a blogger? Yes, it’s the traffic the blog gets, which means the number of people who read the blog. Our company offers every fashion blogger with pre-existing traffic to offer them quick popularity. 

How did we get this traffic? In all online platforms or businesses, the only thing that will keep you moving is the traffic. This means, having traffic is essential to run any platform flawlessly. 

The main reason behind the traffic we have with us is posting SEO-friendly content. But, is it the SEO that will attract audiences? No, presentation is another factor. So, we have focused on both SEO and presentation to attract audiences to our website. 

Search Outcomes Rankings And Domain Authority

We rank higher in Google ranking isn’t just a statement with our website, it’s a fact for us. This means our blogs rank higher in search engine results. 

Moreover, high-quality content in fashion attracts more traffic to our website that also attracts traffic, and improves our ranking. As a blogger, you can improve the blog by adding backlinks from high authentic and traffic sites to get ranked at the top. This is the reason, we have some guidelines for blogs that the bloggers need to follow to get their blogs posted on our website. 

Helps Bloggers To Get Themselves Established

The only task for bloggers is to provide us with a high-quality SEO-friendly blog and the rest is on us. We as a company make sure to fabricate the online influence of the bloggers. Normally, we channelize or present all the blog posts with the writer’s name or make a category for each blogger. 

This helps the users to get direct access to all your blogs. This will help you to leave a good impression on all your readers so that they visit again to read your blogs. In this way, you make your traffic through our website. This will not only attract the crowd but also will help different brands to find you easily through your blogs.

Guidelines We Ask Bloggers To Follow

To get the best results for us and you as well, we have set some of the basic guidelines that every blogger has to follow to see their blogs on our website. If you are confused about topics that you can put on our website, then here are some of the suggestions that can help you to start:

  • Unique Fashion Styles 
  • Fashions Styles That Are Currently In Trend
  • Things You Should Know Before Following Different Fashion Patterns
  • Different Fashion Hacks And Mysteries

Guidelines For The Blog

These guidelines will help writers to start their blogging story perfectly. So follow the guidelines properly to earn good traffic. 

  1. The first thing we expect from bloggers is that they will deliver us freshly brewed content, with no signs of advancement or rotation of articles. 
  2. The content you write should be 100% plagiarism-free, informative, and should be as per the user’s need or demand. Each content you deliver to us should be written after proper research and so that the audience can gather knowledge from it.
  3. The blog you will be writing must not deviate from the niche i.e. fashion. 
  4. Guest posts length should be between 800-2000 words. So make sure not to exceed the maximum word limit in the blog. 
  5. Try to add some informative data, photos, and recordings wherever required. But, make sure that the photos or recordings provided are copyright-free. Adding this essential stuff to the blog will grab client’s and the crowd’s attention. 
  6. To get more traffic, another SEO trick that can be used is the addition of links from other business pages or your site. But, make sure that the links you are adding are not from our competitors or rival’s site. 
  7. The ending or the conclusion of the blog should be catchy and to the point. 
  8. For the benefit of both us and you, you can promote the blog link on your social media handles to gather traffic.

Guideline For Guest Post Writing

These are some of the essential guidelines a client has to follow to keep the article readable and understandable for the audience. 

  1.  Each blog should start with a proper introduction and end with a conclusion. 
  2. Try adding multiple headlines like H2, H3 to keep your content fully organized. 
  3. Instead of writing long paragraphs, keep splitting the paragraph wherever possible. You can add bullets to add some essential information or points in the blog. This will help to keep the blog clean and readable. 
  4. Do not rewrite an available article from a website, visit multiple websites to gather information for your articles. 
  5. Cross-check is always essential with blogging as grammatical errors or spelling mistakes are unavoidable. Sometimes grammatical errors can change the meaning of a sentence. So to avoid such issues, it is good to cross-check the article. 

Guideline For Guest Post Submission

As a fashion blogger, you must be aware that the blogs you will be submitting will help others in making better decisions. So, it becomes essential to share the true information and knowledge through your blogs. Once, you are done with writing the blog, you have to follow some of the below-mentioned guidelines to submit the post. 

  1. First of all, you should know that you are allowed to send the blog in different configurations mentioned as follows: PowerPoint, Google Docs, Word Document, Dropbox Papers, and a few more. 
  2. Before submitting, make sure it isn’t a duplicated content. So that we can go with the article without extra effort from our side. 
  3. The guest post you have written can be sent to us through email, which you will find on our official website. 
  4. Those who have written on Google Docs can simply connect our email to the document to send it. 
  5. Before submission, check a few things that everything is arranged properly and the content is good to submit. 
  6. Guest posts can contain some self-promotional information like your bio, social media profiles, links to your website or business pages, etc. This will help you to advance through our website and gather the traffic you were looking for. 

What Happens After Submission?

After the submission of the guest post, your task is over. It’s time for us to get into work as we individually check each guest post received by us, to make it a perfect one before it is ready for posting. 

We hold the right to alter the post sent by you if while checking your article we find any spelling mistakes, statement blunders, or configuration issues. We correct the existing issues to make the article ready as per the requirements before it gets posted. 

This whole process of checking, approval after submission may take up to one or two weeks. Once the blog gets the green flag, your blog will be visible on our website. So, it is always advised to write blogs with minimal or zero errors to shorten the approval process. 


Our sole aim with this website is to assist fashion bloggers to get the attention they deserve through their blogs. But, it’s not our sole responsibility to get that traffic. As we promise to assist fashion bloggers, we also expect assistance from the blogger’s part too to get the highest traffic on the blog. Contact us for fashion write for us submissions.