Who Was Priest Fleischmann?


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Anneliese Michel was thought to have been possessed by six different demons, one of which was believed to be Priest Fleischmann. The fictional film “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was based on the actual events that occurred during an exorcism of these demons.

In the 16th century, a man named Valentin Fleischmann served as a Catholic priest in the Diocese of Frankfort. Approximately 1572 and 1575 were the years that Fleischmann served as a priest. Because of the way he behaved while under the influence of alcohol, the Catholic church had excommunicated and defrocked him. Fleischmann was charged with both assault and murder, respectively. Fleischmann was the sixth demon discovered to be inhabiting Anneliese Michele’s body, as stated by the priests who performed the exorcism of Anneliese Michele, a young German woman. The exorcism took place in Germany. It is possible that Anneliese, who was a devout Catholic and lived in Germany, was taught about Valentin Fleischmann during the course of her education. The Franks were of Germanic origin, and Fleischmann was a resident of Ettlebin, Bavaria. It’s possible that this information played a role in the alleged appearance of Fleischmann in his demonic form.

During the course of the exorcism, it was discovered that Anneliese’s body was inhabited by a total of six different demons. Lucifer, the Roman Emperor Nero, Adolf Hitler, Cain, and Judas Escariot were the other members of the other five, which also included Fleischmann. There is a school of thought that holds that Valentin Fleischmann exemplifies the moral rot that permeates the Catholic priesthood as well as the church itself. Before she passed away in 1976, Anneliese was the subject of nearly seventy exorcisms, all of which were performed by Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst Alt. Josef and Anna Michel, Anneliese’s parents, have been charged with negligent homicide in their daughter’s death. Renz and Alt were also charged. Anneliese’s death was caused by a lack of nutrition and water, and she weighed only 68 pounds when she passed away.

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