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Loc dog hair – American television changed over the last few decades. The problems that were encountered in the past were swept under the rug, and a new beginning was initiated by Hollywood.

We all know about Betty White. She was the first lady to ever sit with a person of color, feets joined inside the tub, on the television. It was a masterpiece. Betty White did what she could, but the problem still exists.

Racism is like cancer to society, as fast as it spreads, it’s much harder to remove the element. Hollywood did pretty much everything to remove racism from it’s strongholds, and that’s why many movies were made specifically with actors that were black.

We know that the Black history month has already started, and it’s time we watch old movies that were comical, and depicted the persona of black people in society. 

As always, it’s all about the hood. I don’t want to say the N-word here, even though the movie is one of the best comedy films to be ever produced.  Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood (or just Don’t be a Menace or DBAM) was a very good comical piece that was released back in 1996.

The movie depicted various problems regarding black people, issues related to the hood, and injected humor at places you won’t even think of. The movie is all about being friends and doing the right thing.

Loc dog is an important character in the film, and he is the cousin of the protagonist. Let’s look at the film from  a question and answer perspective. 

Loc dog is in which movie? 

Loc dog is a character from the movie Don’t Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. The movie is a typical hood film and there is a lot to talk about here.

Hood films were usually made in the 1990s to the 2010 era of Hollywood. This genre is specific to Hollywood and it shows the way people thought of blacks, back in those times.

The movie shows the typical representation of a black neighborhood where there is violence, drugs and crime. If you look at the hood culture, you would notice the fact that it is based on hip hop and gangsta rap references.

There is a very huge part for rapping in hood movies like DBAM, and it’s considered to be the central core idea to depict a black neighborhood. There are street gangs everywhere, including the ones Loc dog runs himself.

Street gangs are the typical equivalent of small scale crimes that happen in the neighborhood. If you played GTA San Andreas, you would understand what I am talking about. There’s racial discrimination, where the blacks are suppressed by the authorities as well as the cops.

Gang affiliation scenes are also common, where the main protagonist has something to do with the gang. There are broken families or relationship problems, where the father is usually shown to be absent regarding the coming of age of his children.

There are a lot of drugs, as weed was considered to be sold in black neighborhoods only. Teenagers that started to grow up and decide on their lives were given so much authority on the condition that they were poor.

To rise above the poverty-stricken families and cope up with the vigilant neighborhood, was their goal. 

What is DBAM?

DBAM or Don’t be a menace to south central while drinking your juice in the hood, is a comedy film that was released back in 1992. It had a runtime of 86 minutes, and it is said that it earned a lot.

The movie was a comedic genius, and it showed the life of two brothers, and how they handle their coming of age. It’s written by Paris Barclay, the famous director. Shawn and Marlon Wayans, the two brothers that wrote the film, also starred in the same.

The film was produced by Keenen Ivory Wayans, and the production house belonged to their family. Both Shawn and Marlon Wayans have been famous comedians for decades, and they recently made their own comedy shows – What the Funny! and Funniest wins.

It was produced with 3.8 million dollars but when it hit the box office, it collected more than 20 million. If you have watched ‘I am gonna git you sucka’ or ‘Boyz n the hood’, you would understand what the film is about. The typical problems in a black neighborhood are revealed in the films by a comedic approach.

The story opens with an ashtray, and he is sent to live with his father in the hood. The hype of Loc dog is real, because he is his cousin and they immediately form a bond.

Loc dog has guns that he carries regularly, and is the member of Preach and Crazy Legs. This is the team that is seen throughout the movie, helping tray to get his love dashiki. 

What were the members of the cast of DBAM? 

Shawn Wayans is the main protagonist of the show, and he is named as Ashtray, or Tray for short. His brother is Loc Dog, and is played by his original brother Marlon Wayans.

Doo Rag, a very famous character in the movie, responsible for on point jokes and sarcasm is played by Isaiah Barnes. As Ashtray falls in love with Dashiki, which is played by Tracy Cherelle Jones, he finds out that she has an ex.

A thing to mention here is the fact that the movie does have humor based on black stereotypes, but it does try to correct them. A character is seen breaking the fourth wall to deliver a message to the audience, by literally shouting “Message!” in the middle of the movie.

Also, regarding the stereotyping, the best part of the movie is in the convenience store. You would see a lot of references regarding how blacks are treated in the country, and what white people think regarding them. There’s Darrel Heath who plays the character of Toothpick.

Toothpick is the ex of Dashiki and is constantly trying to kill Ashtray to get him away from her. There’s also a very funny character of Loc Dog’s Grandma which is played by Helen Martin .

She is best seen with pot and weed, and is constantly smoking to give meaningful advice. Ashtray’s Father, who teaches Ashtray how to be a man, is played by Lahmard J. Tate.