Which Ocean Beaches Are Nearest to Kentucky?


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The Atlantic Ocean is the closest to the state of Kentucky. Depending on the location in Kentucky, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is one of the closest beaches. Lexington is approximately 600 miles away and a nine-hour drive away. Learn more about the distance to other ocean beaches from Kentucky as well as other swimming and recreation areas within the state.

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What Are Additional Atlantic Ocean Beaches?

Atlantic City and Virginia Beach are the other ocean beaches closest to Kentucky. Virginia Beach, Virginia is also approximately nine hours and close to 600 miles away from Lexington. Nearly 700 miles separate Atlantic City, New Jersey and Lexington, Kentucky. This makes the trip approximately 10 hours long.

Distance from the Great Lake

Kentucky is actually closer to the Great Lakes region than any ocean beaches. Even though they are not ocean beaches, there are numerous recreation and swimming areas surrounding the Great Lakes. Cleveland, Ohio, which borders the Great Lakes, is approximately five hours away. Although this is likely too far for a day trip, it is much closer than an ocean beach. Michigan’s Great Lakes region, particularly its northernmost tip, is significantly further away.

Distance to the Pacific Ocean

Pacific Ocean beaches are significantly further from Kentucky than Atlantic Ocean beaches. However, with sufficient planning, the trip is still driveable. A person would need approximately 35 hours to drive from Lexington, KY to San Francisco, CA. Comparatively, the distance to San Diego, California is approximately 32 hours.

Are There Beaches in Kentucky?

Kentucky has numerous beaches and recreation areas. Due to Kentucky’s lack of water borders, the state’s swimming areas consist of state parks, lakes, and resorts. Although they are not ocean beaches, these beaches are family-friendly. They are also considerably closer, as they are within the state.

What Lakes and Beaches Does Kentucky Contain?

There are numerous beaches and lakes in Kentucky, but the following are the most popular summertime destinations.

Cherokee State Park is a family-friendly park in Aurora, Kentucky that borders Kentucky Lake. It offers swimming, fishing, hiking, and more.

The Green River is located in the eastern portion of the state. This forest offers swimming and hiking.

The Moors Resort is located in Gilbertsville. It is an ideal destination for a family vacation or weekend getaway.

Barren River Lake is located in the southern region of Kentucky. Swimming and hiking are available. In addition to campsites and cabins, visitors will also find camping areas.

There are numerous additional small beaches, lakes, and parks located throughout the state. Although swimming in the falls is not permitted at Cumberland Falls State Park, there is an Olympic-sized pool available to guests. Cumberland Falls contains the second-largest waterfall in the United States, after Niagara Falls.