Which Animals Consume Flowers?


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Flowers are significant food sources for deer, rabbits, squirrels, turtles, and lizards, among others. Flowers are also eaten by aphids, spider mites, sawflies, and other insects.

Deer and bunnies’ flower-eating behaviours sometimes pose problems for gardeners. Some frequent deterrents, according to Better Homes and Gardens, include odoriferous chemicals like fabric softener sheets and moth balls, as well as scary deterrents like radios and noisemakers. Morning glory flowers, ironically, are frequently used as a deer deterrent. Rabbits annoy gardeners as well, according to the Humane Society of the United States, but they can often be deterred by using barriers or chemical repellents. Squirrels rely heavily on flowers that bloom in the early spring because there are few other foods available.

Although many water turtles consume the occasional flower that falls into a stream, certain land tortoise species rely largely on them for nourishment. According to the Tortoise Trust, red-footed and yellow-footed tortoises, as well as numerous Mediterranean tortoise species, are particularly fond of flowers.

Flowers such as dandelions, roses, and violas are also consumed by humans. Flowers, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, could be a good source of dietary nutrients including potassium.

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