Which Animal Names Begin With M?


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Numerous animals’ names begin with the letter M, including well-known species like the moose, mongoose, meerkat, mountain goat, and mountain lion. The Malayan tiger, the mourning collared dove, and the Macaroni penguin are examples of more exotic creatures.

Mountains and plains are home to numerous species whose names begin with M, including the wild mouflon sheep, the Mexican wolf, the Malabar squirrel, and the marten. Some are uncommon or rare, such as the Monite Iberia Eleuth, the smallest frog discovered in the Northern hemisphere. The majority of humans never see animals such as mountain gorillas and masked palm civets.

The manatee is a perfect example of an aquatic mammal that begins with the letter M. Manta rays, marine toads, and marsh frogs all inhabit moist environments. Additionally, the Minke whale, the Molly fish, and the Moray eel are marine animals. The mallard and the magpie are two common species of birds.

The monkey is a well-known animal whose name begins with the letter M. There are numerous types of monkeys, such as the bleeding heart, black spider, red howler, and rhesus. There are various classifications for the macaw, such as the scarlet macaw and the green-winged macaw.

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