Where to Go and What to See in Barcelona


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Barcelona is a city with many attractions. You will always find lots of things that will interest you. Tourists flock to this coastal town in millions every year each trying to quench their spirit of adventure by drinking from Barcelona’s bottomless cup of attractions. You too will be amazed by the many things you can do and see in Barcelona.

Movement around Barcelona is easy with a car. You can get one from the many van rental Barcelona. You can either opt for the cheap vans for rent in Barcelona airport or the other off-airport locations in the city depending on which you find more convenient. Below are the places you can go to and what you can expect to see when you visit Barcelona.

Visit the Sagrada Familia

The historic church of Sagrada is a famous tourist attraction in Barcelona. The church was designed by architect Antoni Gaudi who unfortunately passed on in 1926 before completing it. The completion of the church is expected to be around 2026 which will be 100 years since the death of Gaudi. When completed it will be the biggest church in the world. For a tour here get your tickets in advance to avoid the long queues that characterize this tourist attraction.

Camp Nou Stadium

Camp Nou is the famous FC Barcelona’s stadium. Every football fan in the world would love to set their foot here. For those who are not football fans, a visit here will leave you impressed and with some football knowledge. A tour of the stadium includes a visit to its football museum where FC Barcelona’s achievements over the years are showcased.

Picasso Museum of Barcelona

This museum attracts droves of art lovers and admirers of Picasso’s works every year. More than 4,300 works done by Picasso are displayed here. Stretching three stories, the museum also exhibits photos of Picasso’s life.

Take a Bike Ride Across the City

The bike tour offers the best opportunity to experience the city, as you admire the architecture and get immersed in its history. There is a large network of cycle paths that goes up to the beach. You can rent a bike and ride solo or join a group and ride together with the added advantage of an English-speaking guide. The organized bike rides pass through a few selected attractions in the city.

Visit the Barcelona Harbor

It was renovated from its previous run-down state transforming it into a popular tourist destination. It now includes a shopping complex, a cinema theater, and a large aquarium.

For ease of access a pedestrian bridge connects it to Rambla street. There are cable car services from the harbor to the top of Montjuic hill that is scenic and offers an excellent aerial view of the harbor.


Barcelona is full of fun activities, scenic and historically significant places you shouldn’t miss visiting. As a tourist here, time is what will always limit you. This article has discussed a few places you should visit. Make sure you sample them next time you are in Barcelona.

To move around, check out the several Barcelona van rentals and get yourself one for this trip. To choose one, compare prices from at least three van rentals in Barcelona and choose one that will best suit you.