What states share a border with New York?


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Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are the states that border New York. New York is also bordered by two lakes, Canada, and the Atlantic Ocean.

New York is a state in the northeastern United States that comprises the major city of New York, as well as Albany, Buffalo, and Rochester. To the north and west, it shares an international boundary with Canada. It is also surrounded to the north by Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, both of which are part of the state. The majority of New York’s state boundaries are to the south and east, while Pennsylvania is also considered a western boundary.

The main border between Pennsylvania and New York is to the south of the city. New York is also bordered to the south by the state of New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean.

The rest of New York’s bordering states are to the east. Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut are the three states. Long Island is also considered to be a maritime border between New York and Rhode Island.

All of these borders are crammed into a 330-mile-long and 283-mile-wide territory of New York. It covers more than 54,000 square miles of land.

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