What Moves Does Pikachu Learn and When Does He Learn Them?


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Between levels 1 and 50 of Pokemon X/Y, Pikachu learns a number of moves such as Thundershock and Quick Attack. Aside from the moves that Pikachu can learn on its own, certain moves can be learned through breeding, evolution, or transfer from a previous version of Pikachu.

Pikachu can learn a wide range of moves on its own.

Level 1: Thunder Shock and Tail Whip

Growl (Level 5)

Play Nice (Level 7)

Quick Attack (Level 10)

Thunder Wave (Level 13)

Electro Ball (Level 18)

Double Team – Level 21

Nuzzle (Level 23)

Slam (Level 26)

Thunderbolt (Level 29)

Feint (Level 34)

Agility (Level 37)

Discharge (Level 42)

Light Screen (Level 45)

Thunder (Level 50)

Technical Machines (TM) and Hidden Machines can also teach Pikachu moves (HM).

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