What Makes You Craving Mustard?


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According to the Nature Works Best Cancer Clinic, many crave mustard because they are deficient in calcium in their diet. Green vegetables like broccoli and kale, lentils, and dairy products like cheese are all good sources of this nutrient.

Mustard offers numerous health benefits in addition to meeting calcium requirements. According to About.com, mustard was used medicinally in poultices to treat stings and soothe toothaches in ancient civilizations. For hundreds of years, mustard was regarded as a medicinal plant rather than a cooking spice.

According to The Guardian, mustard seeds contain gluconsinolates, which aid in the treatment of a variety of diseases. Isothiocyanates, which are formed when gluconsinolates break down, appear to have a role in cancer cell growth inhibition. Selenium, a mineral found in mustard, inhibits the formation of malignant cells.

According to WebMD, mustard is a great low-calorie condiment. It adds a lot of flavour to meals while keeping them healthy. It can be used in marinades as well as dips and sauces. Mustard seeds can be dry-roasted, crushed, or sautéed in oil, according to the Guardian. Vinaigrettes and sauces benefit greatly from mustard. Mustard aids in the emulsification, or dispersion, of liquids in vinaigrettes, as well as the thickening of sauces.

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