What Is the Water Plus Feature on LG Plus?


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The model LG WM2233HW has a water plus feature. As the name itself suggests, this feature allows you to add more water to the wash, which improves the performance of the product.

Let’s talk about water plus feature in detail

Water plus is a cycle enhancement option. It has two preset water level increases depending on the cycle. It saves energy by reducing warm water consumption to a minimum.

Now, the question is what good does Extra rinse do to the washing machine? Extra rinse gives an additional rinse to the clothes to remove the dirt, dust and detergent completely. If you are an extra-conscious washer, then you are going to love this feature.

Also, if any of your family members is allergic to dust or detergent or has sensitive skin, this feature is going to be your saviour. Rinse and spin: You can now remove the dust and moisture from things like bathing suits without detergent.

How can I use water plus for my LG washer?

Here is a list of a few steps that can be followed to add water to the LG washer.

·   Water plus cannot work during the spin cycle. Pause the washer during the spin cycle.

·   Now go to the settings button.

·   Then select the water plus option from the settings screen.

·   You can adjust the water level as per the level of dirt on your clothes.

·   After using water plus, you can resume the cycle by pressing the start button again.

What is cold wash on LG washers?

Cold wash on LG washer offers the benefits of warm wash by penetrating deep into the fabric using enhanced washing motions. It saves energy as it uses cold water.

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What are LG sanitary cycles?

The LG sanitary cycle is beyond amazing. It uses extreme temperature changes to remove the dirt out of the clothes. It reduces 99.9% bacteria on laundry using high temperatures. The pattern of temperature is extra hot during wash and cold during the rinse to clean the clothes perfectly.

What is LG washer fresh care?

Like the name, it keeps your clothes fresh. It will tumble finished loads of wet laundry for up to 19 hours to prevent them from catching foul smell. This function can be used when you are leaving out for a party or cannot remove the clothes right after ending the wash cycle. After completion of the cycle, wait for the washer to cool down and open the lid.

What is LG deep wash?

If your clothes are very dirty, use this function. It uses extra water during the washing cycle. More water no where means extra cleaning, more action in the wash means extra cleaning. Choose the function wisely.

What is the download cycle on LG washer?

This allows you to download cycles to your washer or dryer and can be used later. The downloaded cycle will remain available till another cycle gets downloaded.

How do I drain water from the LG top load washer?

Follow this series of steps to drain water from top loader wash:

·   Switch off the power.

·   Now look for the drain hose and water supply hoses on your LG washer.

·   Now drain the water.

·   Don’t forget to remove a drain hose clog and a drain pump clog.

What is LG turbo wash?

The LG turbo wash feature uses increased water temperature, power motion wash action system to improve and speed up the water cycle.  LG turbo wash uses less time and delivers great performance.

How much water does an LG top loader use?

The top load washer uses 19-22 gallons of water. People prefer top loaders because they use less water. Some models use 11.9- 13.9 gallons and steam uses even less water.

Why does my LG washer not fill up with water?

If your LG washer is not filling or filling slowly, then check the house water supply to the washer. The possible reason could be that the water inlet valve is defective. You can consider cleaning the screens inside the water inlet valve hose connection ports. If your washer is still not working well, change the water inlet valve.

How much water does a LG washing machine use?

The high-efficiency washers use 15-30 gallons of water. While old washers use 29- 45 gallons of water. On the other hand, the top model of washers uses less than 5 gallons of water to wash the same amount of clothes.

Where is the water level sensor on a washing machine?

Different machines have their water level sensors at different places. Usually, a water sensor is found inside the control console. You can distinguish water sensors from other systems easily.

Why are my clothes still soaked after washing?

Improper draining could be the possible reason behind this. Many-a-times it happens, the drain hose on the back of the washer is either too far down or not down enough in the standpipe. As a result, draining is interrupted, leaving clothes wet even after soaking.

Why is my washer not filling up with water?

The clogging could be the biggest reason. You can switch off the power and then disconnect the hoses from the back. The filters in the back can be used to clean the clogged inlet valve.

Why do high-efficiency washers take so long?

The high-efficiency washers use less water to clean the clothes, as a result the cycles are longer. Also, you should use high-quality detergents with high-efficiency washers and you should take good care of these washers.

How do you clean the tub on a LG washer?

There is a feature called Tub cleaner on LG washers.

Close the lid and drawer, then press ‘start tub cleaner’ to clean the tub. You can start and pause accordingly. After completion of the cycle, wait for the washer to cool down. Then take a soft cloth or towel to clean the washer.

Does the new washing machine use less water?

Yes. The new models of machine will use less water and energy as compared to older models. But a traditional loader, with an agitator won’t mind using water up to 50 gallons.

How much water does a top loader washing machine use?

A top loading washing machine with center post agitators uses 40 gallons of water per load. The front-loading machine uses 20 gallons of water. If you want to save water, go for front-loading machines.

What cycle should I wash towels on?

It is advisable to wash towels on “high” with the hottest water. Do not forget to add bleach or vinegar for the white towels to rinse-cycle. If still towels are not getting cleaned properly, you can consider increasing the temperature and adding bleach even for the coloured towels.