What Is the Story of Jotaro’s Dad?


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What is the story of Jotaro’s dad? – Jotaro Kujo is the lead character in the world-famous manga comic Stardust Crusaders. It is the most successful and widely known manga from the three arc manga series known as JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Later the positive response from the audience to the comic initiated the release of colored digital copies of the manga, novels, video games, and a TV series.

The popularity of Stardust Crusaders was believed to be the result of the introduction of the concept of “Stands,” a manifestation of a character’s fighting spirit.

The story revolves around the protagonist Jotaro Kujo possessed by a Stand caused by the grandfather’s nemesis, Dio. He later embarks on a journey to Egypt with the mission to defeat Dio to save his mother, who was also possessed by one of the Stands.

In the manga, it is depicted that Jotaro’s dad was a musician named Sadao Kujo. Being a musician, he often went on tours. During one of his tours, he falls in love with another woman, following which he leaves Holly, his wife, and Jotaro, his son, never to return. Since Jotaro was very young at the time his father left, there is no mention of Sadao’s appearance.

Why did Jotaro’s dad leave?

Jutaro’s dad was a musician and went to tours very frequently while Jotaro was still a child. Thus, he does not remember his father very clearly.

However, it was mentioned in the series that on one of his tours, Jotaro’s dad fell in love with another woman and left them. According to the fan theories, this is the reason Joseph, Jotaro’s grandfather, says that he doesn’t like the Japanese.

Who was Jotaro’s dad?

Jotaro’s dad was a jazz musician named Sadao Kujo, who was occasionally on tours. Due to this, Jotaro never got to spend some quality time with him and develop a meaningful bond with him. Hence, there is not much mention of Sadao throughout the manga.

What was the reason Jotaro never learned Hamon?

Based on how the story proceeds, it can be concluded that Jotaro and his companions lacked time to learn Hamon. Rather than training for Hamon, they wanted to invest time in making the Stand stronger and more competent and also rest at other times to be prepared for the fight.

Is it possible that Jotaro has PTSD?

The creator of the manga wanted to show that despite having a manifestation of his fighting spirit with him, he is still a human at his core. Thus, Jataro was certainly not left unaffected by the events in Egypt.

Why were there no Hamon in Stardust Crusaders?

Hamon, DBZ energy blasts, or even any other fighting style for that matter that was popular in the 80s. The creator wanted to illustrate a villain that was unique and more powerful. Hence, the switch to Stands was made in this arc of the series.

Why were the names in JoJo changed?

The Stand names in the show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure show were changed due to copyright issues. All the references to the wide range of bands and scripts were removed.

Where was Jotaro’s dad?

Jotaro’s dad was a jazz musician who spent a lot of time on tours. The lack of time that Jotato had with his father, Sadao Kujo, did not allow a meaningful connection to build between the two. Also, at one of his tours, Sadao fell in love with another woman and left his wife Holly and his son.

What was the reason Jotaro left his family?

Taking into account Jotaro’s past, the terms with his family, which were not the best due to his personality, and the battle with Dio, Jotaro divorced his wife and left his wife and daughter to protect them from any harm.

Why was Jotaro getting weaker?

Despite having one of the strongest Stands known as the Star Platinum, it is seen that in part 6, Jotaro starts to get weaker. It is speculated that it is because he started losing MC juice, and by part 6, he lost all of the MC juice. This made him weaker, eventually leading up to his death.

Why did Jotaro become small and skinny?

The creator made the characters skinnier and also made their clothes more revealing in nature. This was a better tactic for design. Araki was making the characters very alike in design. They all fundamentally have the same body, just with different hairstyles and clothes.

What happens to Jutaro’s mother in Stardust Crusaders?

In Stardust Crusaders, Jutaro’s mother, Holly Kujo, developed a Stand just like Jutaro while Dio was alive. However, it soon started to make her ill due to her benign nature and not having a requirement to fight.

After a span of 50 days, she died due to high fever-like symptoms and gradually deteriorating health.

What was the reason for Jotaro’s rudeness towards his mother?

Jotaro was often seen casually yelling at her mother and also occasionally calling her a “bitch”. However, this was a part of his personality, and he still respected her mother.

It was evident by the fact that after he was arrested and suspected that he might be a threat to others, he refused to go back.

Did Jotaro love his mother?

The rude behavior of Jotaro towards his mother might suggest that he did not care about her, but that was not the case. His words might appear disrespectful, but he still loved his mother.

He treated his mother like he would treat a friend, fighting over petty things and insulting each other, but he did care about her.

Was Jolyne, the daughter of Jotaro?

Yes. Jolyne was the daughter of Jotaro.

What was the name of Jotaro’s mom?

Jotaro’s mom was Holly Kujo née Joestar.

Why were the characters in Stardust Crusaders made thinner?

It was done because making the characters thinner and with fewer clothes favored a better design.

Why was there censorship in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure?

When a TV series named Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure was aired in several episodes, Jotaro Kujo’s face was censored or covered in blackness. It was done to censor the cigarette in his mouth.

As Jutaro was depicted as a 17-year-old boy, he was breaking the law by smoking because the legal smoking age in Japan was 20.

Why did they make Jotaro smaller in part 4?

Jotaro was made smaller because it was a better design choice.

Did Jotaro have autism?

It was expressed in the character bio of Jotaro that he did not believe in telling his emotions verbally because the people around him understood his precise intentions and feelings without having to explain them. This can be interpreted as an Autistic trait.

Did Jotaro Kujo die?

Jutaro was no longer a young boy but a middle-aged man and became much weaker in part 6, Stone Ocean. Eventually, while battling against Dio’s friend Enrico Pucci alongside his daughter, Jolyne, he died.