What Is the Process for Filing a Formal Complaint with Sears?


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If you have a problem with a Sears product, service, or repair, you must contact their customer service department via email or phone to make a complaint. Customer service handles all complaints initially, before transferring them to the appropriate department for assessment and processing.

Be prepared to give a concise rationale for your concern when contacting customer service. Address the problem and your intended outcome so that it can be forwarded to the appropriate department as soon as possible. If you have a concern that has to be resolved quickly, call customer service. If you merely want to voice your dissatisfaction with a Sears service or product, consider writing a letter or sending an email.

Request a transfer to the Sears Corporate Advocate and Customer Complaint Department if the customer service person does not transfer you to the relevant department. If you need service information, call 1-888-507-9312; for general enquiries, call 1-800-795-5030.

If your issue is about a Sears store near you, you must contact the store immediately for a prompt resolution or explanation. Consider registering a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau if you are dissatisfied with Sears’ customer service. You can register a direct complaint with the BBB by going to their website; however, Sears requires that any issues be emailed to their customer service department first before filing a complaint with the BBB.

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