What is the procedure for setting a Timex 1440 Sports Watch?


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Push the mode button until the time appears on a Timex 1440 sports watch to set the time. To change the seconds, press and hold the lap/reset button until the seconds begin to flash, then press and hold the start/stop button. Toggling between seconds, minutes, and hours is as simple as pressing the mode button, then pressing the lap/reset button at the end to confirm the settings.

The start/stop button is in the upper right hand corner, the lap/reset button is in the bottom right hand corner, and the mode button is in the upper left hand corner. Press and hold the mode button until the display indicates that time mode is active. Hold the lap/reset button in time mode until the seconds part of the display begins to flash. To change the seconds, push the start/stop button, then the mode button. Blinking will occur in the minutes section of the screen. To alter the minutes, use the start/stop button.

To set the hours, push the mode button again, then the start/stop button to select the correct hour. Finally, press the lap/reset button once again to set the time. Push the mode button until the date mode shows on the screen to change the date. To confirm the settings, press the start/stop button until the date is accurate, then push the lap/reset button. The alarm is set using the same procedure. To begin, pick the alarm mode with the mode button. Then, using the start/stop button, adjust the time until you reach the desired alarm time. To set the alarm, press the lap/reset button.

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