What is the procedure for resetting a Health O Meter Scale?


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Hold down the lower right edge of the scale until it shows “0.0” to reset a Health o meter digital scale. When a Health o Meter scale is moved, before each weigh-in, or if the scale displays an error message or reads “E,” it should be reset.

Choose between pounds and kilos on your scale.

Choose whether the weights are displayed in pounds or kilograms by sliding the selector switch on the back of the scale.

Place the scale on a solid, level surface.

Place the scale on a stable, firm surface such as a flat wood, tile, or laminate floor. Uneven or plush, carpeted surfaces should be avoided because they may impair the accuracy of the outcome.

Quickly press down on the scale’s lower edge.

Tap the lower edge of the front of the scale forcefully and fast before each weigh-in. The scale is reset and ready to use when it displays “0.0.”

If the reset fails, repeat the procedure.

It may be essential to repeat the reset method if the display turns to “E” after standing on the scale. Replace the battery and recalibrate the scale if the display reads “LO” instead of “0.0” or “E.”

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