What is the procedure for looking for a GHIN number by name?


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Visit GHIN’s official website and utilise the lookup option to find up a GHIN number by name. You’ll need the golfer’s name and, if available, the state or nation where the golf club is located.

The official website of GHIN can be found here.

The official webpage can be found at http://www.ghin.com/lookup.aspx.

Fill in the known details about the golfer.

This includes the golfer’s first and surname name, as well as the state or nation where the golf club is located, if known. If the golf club is unknown, a search can be done by selecting unknown from the pull-down menu.

View the outcomes

The golfer’s information, including the USGA Handicap Index and the previous 20 scores used to create it, should now be displayed.

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