What Is the Difference Between Major and Minor Supporting Details?


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The main supporting details contain important information that explains the core theme. Minor supporting details expand on this information and provide additional details that are not required for the reader to grasp the main notion. There is no set number of each detail type that should be included in a paragraph.

Major supporting elements give the reader with the basic, necessary information to grasp the paragraph or text’s theme. These can be thought of as the topic’s core overview, which the reader can concentrate on to completely grasp the main idea if he does not want to go into further depth. In most paragraphs, there are at least two or three of them.

Minor supporting elements are more specific and provide information to the reader that is unnecessary. If the reader isn’t interested in such minute details, this material can be missed. Minor supporting details build on key points made in the major supporting details and delve deeper into the subject.

Significant and minor supporting elements are both required to properly develop the topic, and the paragraph’s development is dependent on them, however major details are more important. In general, supporting information help a paragraph’s main topic sentence.

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