What Is the Best Way to Solve “Scramble Squares”?


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Nine-square puzzles are known as scramble squares. Each square’s side contains half of an image that can be completed by joining it to a comparable side. The basic gameplay is straightforward, but the puzzles might be challenging to master because there are billions of possible combinations.

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Count the number of pairings in each image.

In Scramble Squares, most images have a front end and a back end. When animals are involved, for example, one side has the head and the other has the tail. Determine how many front and back ends are there in each image. If there are more front ends than rear ends, or vice versa, you can expect some of the extra side tiles to wind up on the puzzle’s edge, where they won’t require a match. Keep an eye out for many extra sides on a single tile that could be used as a corner piece.

Remove any piece combinations that don’t work.

Begin with the pieces that have the fewest match options on the sides. Experiment with some of those alternatives to see if they result in any inner corners that can’t be filled with other tiles.

Make educated guesses and double-check your replies

Look for patterns and experiment with different tiles in various locations. Much of the puzzle work after you’ve made some educated guesses entails just trying as many choices as possible. If you’re stuck, look online for a clue or a solution.