What Is the Age of the Tubbo Sisters?


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Tubbo will be 17 years old in 2020.

What is the name of Tubbo’s sister? Lani

Is Philza no longer alive on the dream SMP?

The age of Philza Phil hasn’t said whether his character is immortal or not, only that he is aware that he hasn’t died.

Tubbo’s gender is unknown.

Toby Smith is his given name.


Male is the gender

British nationality

White ethnicity

Twitch Streamer by Trade

Who is Lani Baker’s husband?

Randol, Garret

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What Is the Age of the Tubbo Sisters? – Related Questions

Is Philza no longer alive?

Philza lasted five years and streamed multiple times a week. Few people saw him play, but a large number of people saw him die. The news of the death went viral.

Tubbo’s sibling is how old?

What is the age of the Tubbo sisters? Tubbo will be 17 years old in 2020.

What caused Philza’s death?

He died in a deadly cave due to terrible luck, much as Minecraft players do all the time. He was on BBC News a week later. On that Wednesday, Watson, who goes by the Twitch handle Philza, lost five years of progress in Minecraft Hardcore, making it the longest continuous run in the permadeath mode ever.

Is there a connection between Maverick Baker and Cash Baker?

He collaborates on music with his sibling. Cash Maverick is one half of Cash and Maverick, a musical duo. In 2018, the brothers released the song “The Way You Move.” They have nearly a million YouTube subscribers.

Tubbo has how many brothers and sisters?

two female siblings

Is it true that Philza died in Season 4?

Season 4 is the final season (Still Alive)

Is Ranboo a lesbian?

In the Dream SMP on, Ranboo “canonically married” Tubbo. On and off the server, they still talk about being husbands, divorce, and flirting.

Is Tommy dead in SMP’s dream?

Because of a security concern that was brought up while he was visiting, he was confined in the prison with Dream for at least a week. Tommy, on the other hand, was adamant that the Necromancy book Dream claimed to have was fake, and an altercation over this resulted in Dream killing Tommy and taking his life.

Maverick Baker has how many siblings?

He was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Lani Lynn Baker, a fellow socialite, is his sister.

Is Cash Baker still looking for love?

Cash Baker is a well-known name.


Blue is the colour of your eyes.

Light brown hair colour

Relationship Status: Single

Straight sexual orientation

Is Wilbur in the dream SMP dead?

Wilbur was assassinated by Punz.

Is Tubbo’s compass missing?

Tubbo was slain and the compass was shattered by a detonated creeper while seeking for mob heads.

What part of England is Tubbo from?


Is Tubbo the same age as Tommy?

Lani Baker’s height is unknown.

5 feet and 9 inches tall

Is there a connection between Tubbo and the Dream Brothers?

Toby Smith and Dream. Works – Tubbo are Siblings