What Is Spanish Traditional Clothing?


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CC-BY 2.0 José Antonio Morcillo Valenciano

The mantilla, peineta, and gilet are examples of traditional Spanish apparel. People dress up in these outfits for special occasions including weddings, parades, and regional holidays.

The mantilla is a form of wedding veil that is worn by women. It’s usually a light lace or silk scarf wrapped around the neck or over the shoulders. The mantilla is held in place by a peineta, which is a big comb. A peineta is a decorative item that is frequently tortoiseshell in colour.

A gilet is a sleeveless jacket that functions similarly to a vest and is usually worn as part of a larger ensemble. Gilets were utilised as dress bodices in the nineteenth century. A chaleco is how Spaniards refer to a gilet today.

There are numerous different types of traditional Spanish clothing. Bullfighter outfits are showy and ornate, a traditional Andalusian fashion from the 18th century. The Spanish call these suits “traje de luces,” or “light suits,” because they include intricate needlework and opulent embellishments. Flamenco costumes and tuxedos are also still worn by performers nowadays.

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