What is reg90 – unable to connect error and its fixes?


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If the error reg90 occurs, then call the T-Mo service from a different phone and inform them about the error message. They would suggest you switch off your phone, and they would send an Over- the air update. 

How to fix the reg99 error?

First, toggle wifi and then turn on the wifi calling off, now toggle the Bluetooth on for approx 10 seconds or so toggle Bluetooth off and then toggle wifi and wifi calling back on. 

How to make a wifi call?

If you want to enable wifi calling on an Android Phone, then follow the below given simple steps.

Pull down the notification shade and then long-press the wifi icon, and enter the wifi settings. 

On the wifi settings, scroll down to the bottom and then select “Wifi” preferences.”

Click on “Advanced”

Then choose the wifi calling option and then change the option from off to “On.”

Can we use wifi calling if the service is suspended?

No, you can’t use the wifi calling option if your service is suspended. This is because when your number is suspended, your device loses its ability to receive calls or texts. Thus you can no longer access the cellular data network. But still, your device can access wifi networks and run applications which the help of the Wifi connection alone. 

What advantage does VoLte provide?

VoLte can be abbreviated as Voice Over LTE which means when you make calls phone from any phone, the voice call will be done on the LTE network. Earlier, the voice calls that were made over a data network on Skype or Viber are called VoIP. But the difference between the both is, you get better to call quality and HD audio and video calls. 

Can a mobile SIM card affect wifi?

Though the Subscriber Identity Module Card(SIM) doesn’t directly affect a mobile’s cellular transmission signals, it can affect the device’s ability to make a wireless connection. But again, these disruptions can’t affect the device’s ability to receive or send a signal. 

Will wifi calling work without service?

Your phone will work fine even without an active service from a carrier and remains as a wifi-only device. Applications like hangouts operate well and allow you to make VoIP calls without any interference from the carrier. Not only that, but you also experience good wifi connections. 

What is the reason if the phone doesn’t allow you to make calls?

If your phone doesn’t allow you to make any call, then follow the steps given below,

Pull down from the phone’s screen top and go to quick settings>Network & Internet> Airplane mode. 

Check whether the airplane mode is disabled. And then check whether the mobile data is enabled. You can check the mobile data in Settings> Network & internet > Mobile network.

Why would wifi calling stop work?

If your wifi calling stopped working suddenly, first ensure your carrier offers wifi calling and the devices supporting have the latest software. Also, note that not all wifi networks work with wifi calling. You can also turn wifi calling off and then on it again. Go to settings> General> Reset and tap reset network settings. 

How do you call 911 on a Samsung mobile?

Most Android devices consist of an emergency number. That said, the emergency call button has to be pressed, and it doesn’t automatically dial. So to make an emergency call, press the emergency call, and then on the number pad, press 9-1-1 for it.

What’s my 911 address?

911 is the physical address of the place you live. For every mile, 1000 addresses are assigned. The even numbers are on the right side, and the odd numbers are on the left side. So this pattern gives the emergency responders a basic idea about your home address. 

How to register my cell phone with 911?

You need to register your cell phone with your local reverse 911 notification system to enroll yourself in their list. You can Google the reverse 911 emergency notification in your city or country. 

What is an emergency address?

An emergency address can be said as the civic address, physical address, or street address of business place for your organization. 

Can you make a call to 911 from an iPad on wifi?

Yes, you can make an emergency call to 911 from your iPad that is connected to the wifi. This helps you if your cellular signal isn’t that good. Since you are an iPhone or iPad user, you get the option to use an iCloud account. In this account, you can tap into wifi calling for the call on an iPad or an iPod touch. But make sure your carrier supports these features. 

How to set up 911 on my Android phone?

To set up 911 on your Android phone, 

Click on your phone’s lock screen

Search for the word emergency at the lock screen’s bottom

Tap on “Emergency information” and then add your information on the pencil symbol given. 

How to turn on 911 on my iPhone?

To turn on 911 on your iPhone, press and hold the side button of your phone, be it the volume button on the phone sides. Now continue holding the side button and volume button until the SOS emergency countdown starts. To activate the 911 call immediately, you can swipe right on the emergency SOS. 

How to fix the DNS error on Android?

To fix the DNS error:

Click and open the settings on the device.

Choose wifi

Now long press your current network and click on the modify network option

Mark on the “Show advanced options” checkmark.

Now change the IP settings to static.

Finally, add the DNS server’s IPs to the DNS 1 and DNS 2 fields.