What Is Needed for Modern Life: Robotization


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Top companies are racing to change the way robots are applied in our lives. Robotization is a trend of the future. Robots have evolved a lot, and they continue to improve.

Are robots so much needed indeed? What would happen if suddenly, we abandon this technology?

Let’s see how robots impact our lives and what would happen if at one, they disappear.

Robots at Home

At home, we apply robots every day. Some of them are more advanced, and others are simpler. An automatic washing machine, vacuum cleaner, robotic cookers, lawn mowers, and other automated devices are robots. Even a table top standing desk can be considered as a robot. Now, you see that it would be difficult to manage all domestic chores without robots.

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are still not as reliable as we would like them to be. But a decade ago, it was even difficult to imagine the level this technology reached for now.

Where is this trend going to take us? Companies invest a lot of money in the development of autonomous vehicles. Therefore, we can expect that soon, we will be enjoying fully autonomous vehicles.

Robots in Healthcare and Medicine

This field is very important because our lives and health depend on it. Robots have been playing a crucial role in this field.

Robotic devices are used in pharmacology to ensure the right medicine composition, the level of humidity, and other features that ensure the medicine’s efficiency.

Robots assist in care for patients with mental conditions such as anxiety, communication problems, etc. Machines can be pre-programmed to express certain emotions and thus, they can be perfect and very predictable companions.

Robotic mechanisms are widely applied to care for patients with mobility issues. So, automated lifts, lift beds and motiroxed chairs are perfect to facilitate the work of healthcare specialists and make the life of patiens easier.

Finally, robots enabled some types of surgeries that otherwise would be impossible. Micro-surgeries would be impossible without robots because the capacity of our eyes and hands is limited. Robots can efficiently enhance it and thus, make micro-intrusions possible.

The same can be told about laser surgeries, and other non-invasive or minimally invasive intrusions such as laparoscopy. Endoscopic robots enable doctors to examine parts of our bodies that were not accessible before and detect changes to treat them at early stages.

The potential for robotization in medicine is immense. Over time, we expect them to advance, evolve, and be of even more assistance to medical specialists.

Robots in Industrial Applications

In industry, robots have been applied for ages. Robotic arms perform monotonous tasks without getting tired or losing concentration. Lift mechanisms handle significant weights. Plenty of machines of all types work in areas where it is dangerous or uncomfortable for humans to operate:

  • In areas with dangerous chemicals
  • Disaster areas
  • In too hot or cold environments
  • In places with elevated radioactivity level, and similar.

Such robots help to reduce and eliminate human errors, speed up the manufacturing process, and perform the job more accurately than humans do.

In applications where a lot of physical strength is needed, robots also perform a great job by replacing humans or facilitating their tasks to a great extent.

Military Robots

In the military, robots save human lives and enhance the efficiency of troops. They can track the movements of the enemy and report the changes in real-time mode. Robots effectively patrol territories that are not accessible to people. This ability also is actively used to patrol the territory of enterprises and even homes.


In this term, we cover all types of exploration. Robots are sent to the depth of the ocean and the coldest parts of our planet. With them, we study volcanoes. Even Mars is being explored by robots.

It is for sure that without the help of machines, we would not be able to advance so much.

How Are Robots Going to Develop?

Now, companies are actively investing in the development of artificial intelligence. We can already observe the advancements of some robots that can communicate at almost the level of people, learn, and even make jokes.

Over time, we can expect machines to turn in irreplaceable companions, colleagues, and who knows, maybe even friends. Even though there are people who are afraid that over time, robots will evolve to replace people and take over the world, in the very end, we shall remember that they are our creations and it is up to us how to develop them.