What Is Liv’s Full Name in Liv and Maddie?


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What is the family name of liv and maddie – When we talk about the golden years of a 90s kid’s childhood, we would mention the years between 2009 to 2016. These years were considered to be one of the best times in every sector including the entertainment industry.

These were the days when we still had the cartoon network written in block letters. These were the days of Heidi, Batman:- the animated series, Mr. Bean, Ben10, and simple cartoons like Oswald, Beyblade and Dragon Ball Z. Some of the best songs that everyone grooves to, were created during this era. 

After the 2000s, specifically after 2005, and before 2019, everything made in this era is considered to be the golden age for millennials and Gen-Z alike. Some of my own favorite cartoons and TV shows came on Disney, and Sonic Plus.

Disney also hosted a variety of other TV serials such as “The suite life of Zack and Cody”, “That’s so Raven”, and other search TV serials which were a blast in those times.

It’s nostalgia has already reached your mind, it’s time to know what would be the first and last names of Liv and Maddie. Let us look into this topic, with a question and answer session, in great detail below. 

What is the full name of Liv and what are the challenges that she faced in the show?

Olivia Rooney,  nicknamed as Liv, is the protagonist, and explains a lot of things in the serial. When we talk about Olivia’s personality, she is a kind of a person that is extra famous and best in everything.

She is considered to be the main protagonist of the show, although she shares her face with her twin sister Maddie, which we would discuss later on in the article. She is exceptionally talented.

There is a sequel to the serial, and it consists of different types of adventures that Olivia goes on. In every episode of Liv and Maddie, the episode is named after the main story that would happen in the episode, joined with the family’s last name.

It is a very funny entertainment show, where every episode the story changes. It is said that Olivia is a very famous child artist because of her role in a movie called ‘Sing It Loud’.

‘Sing It Loud’ is mentioned more than a thousand times in the serial, and everywhere Olivia wants to say something or do something, the reference is given. It is portrayed that ‘Sing It Loud’ is the first moment where Olivia gains national recognition.

Everyone in her college, including her aunt which she lives with, when she left her house at the age of 11 for 4 years knows about her. Everyone that recognizes her to be the most talented person in the room.

It is said that she is not just talented by her looks and acting skills, but has beauty with brains. We see that in one of the episodes titled  “Brain-o-Rooney”, she was also very talented with respect to her math and science skills.

She helped her brothers win the Brain Olympics. She is shown to be like her mother Karen, and this Karen should not be judged on her name. 

Who is Maddy Rooney, and what are the personality traits of this character?

Madison Rooney or Maddie Rooney is considered to be the second protagonist of the Liv and Maddie serial. A lot can be said about this character, including her personality traits which are portrayed to be of a simple girl that falls in love very easily.

She wants attractive personalities and attractive people, but she is not blessed with beauty either. She’s a sophomore at Ridgewood High School, and is considered to be one of the best students in her High School.

She’s also the captain of the girl’s basketball team, and she had fallen in love with the captain of the boy’s basketball team. Her love interests are portrayed easily in the show, and apart from the glamorous life of Olivia Rooney, she is the comedic trait in the series.

Although she plays basketball like a queen, she is considered to be a very timid and shy character. She is like her father Pete Rooney, and is considered to be a very happy character.

It is said that whatever she thinks and believes, it does come true in the show. Diggy and Willow are considered to be her best friends, and they all always help her in many episodes.

She’s also very athletic, as can be seen through her different basketball games. Not much of Maddie is seen in the serial, but we get the general idea that she is the twin sister of Olivia Rooney, and her shadow. The best part about Maddie is that you would be able to relate with her as compared to Olivia Rooney. 

How are the two brothers in Liv and Maddie?

Along with Olivia and Maddie, Joey and Peter are the two brothers that live in the Rooney family. Both of these brothers are portrayed to be a shadow of their father and mother, however Peter is considered to be one of the most mischievous people in the series.

Let’s  talk about Joey first. Joey is basically an introvert with a very good IQ. Joey is considered to be a very sad and shy person, and it is and he’s easily trapped by overthinking.

It is said that he also has a crush on Willow, which is revealed later in the episode when he starts dating. He is very intelligent and is considered to be the brains of the family. He also loves to play pranks on his little brother Peter.

Joey is also a very immature person, and can never grasp the whole concept of his character. Even after he is hypnotized by his mother, he speaks gibberish. This actually revealed that Joey can never be changed.

How is Peter in the series?

Peter is considered to be a very mischievous person, as mentioned before, and that is clearly seen in the tunnels that he has created. There was a big accident in the series, due to this tunneling, in which the whole family had to live with their aunt for several weeks.

Blessed with a mischievous nature and a very sharp brain, he uses it regularly to channel his mischief. He hates his middle name, and this is revealed by his mother in the suspense episode.

He is kinda obsessed with a show where it depicts the life of two girls, and his entire squad watches the same thing.