What Happened in Ryan Dobson’s Divorce in 2001?


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Cezanne N. Williams, sometimes known as Danita Williams, and Ryan Dobson divorced in 2001 after marrying in 1999. Dobson claims he can’t legally discuss anything about the divorce because of its terms, but he has stated that he lost a considerable amount of money as a result of it.

Dobson and Williams went at Biola University in La Mirada, California, which is a private Christian university. Williams was a senior in 1993 and the women’s soccer team’s assistant manager in 1994. Dobson, who graduated from the university in 1995, was a squad manager for the women’s soccer team that year.

According to Dobson, the couple purchased a home shortly before the divorce. They shared assets after the divorce due to California regulations, which resulted in his financial loss.

In 2005, Dobson remarried. Dobson and his current wife, Laura, have a kid named Lincoln Cash together.

Ryan was adopted as a child by James and Shirley Dobson. Dobson claims he spent his adolescence resisting until 2002, when he began lecturing to Christian teenagers. In 2003, he received a book deal and published his first book, “Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Simply Stupid.”

Dobson is a conservative Christian who expresses his beliefs through his talks and book. Due to his divorce, he has been chastised by people who accuse him of hypocrisy.

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