What Exactly Does The Five-point Star Signify, Gang?


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People also wonder what the 5 point star means in terms of blood.

The five-pointed star, like the five-pointed crown, is a gang symbol used by the Bloods to symbolise their membership with the People Nation. Running clockwise from the top, each point on the star signifies a distinct meaning: love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice.

Also, what does a five-pointed star tattoo mean? Pentagram: Depending on whether the pentagram points up or down, this five-pointed star has two meanings. Early Christians embraced the pentagram as a Christian symbol, with the five points representing Christ’s five wounds suffered during his crucifixion.

What gang, on the other hand, uses the five-point star?

In much of its gang graffiti, the People Nation alliance uses a five-pointed star. The Black Stone Rangers/Black P are the originators of the five-pointed star.

What does it mean to have a five-point crown?

The five-pointed crown is a sign of the Latin Kings gang, one of the most powerful Hispanic gangs in the United States, which began in Chicago in the 1940s. The letters ALKN, which stand for Almighty Latin Kings Nation, are frequently paired with the crown tattoo.

Related Questions

What does the blood code 212 mean?

031 is a love/solidarity/blood-code number. ‘Let me holla at you,’ says 212, the blood code. Bloods are shooting and Crips are dying in 5 poppin 6 droppin. B-one-eight-seven – refers to homicide, or the killing of a rival member, such as a Crip, and is based on the 187 police code.

What does a six-point star indicate?

The hexagram, like the pentagram, was and is utilised in occult and ceremonial magic activities, and is attributed to astrology’s seven “ancient” planets. In various forms of occult magic, the six-pointed star is often utilised as a talisman and for conjuring spirits and psychic forces.

What does a tattoo of a star on the eye mean?

Tattoo of a star under the eye

“It is a sign of being able to be extensively tattooed and still conduct yourself in a feminine way,” Kat said of the purpose behind her notorious star tattoos around her eye.

What does a woman’s star tattoo mean?

The Meaning of a Star Tattoo Stars appear mostly at night and are used to signify the struggle against darkness. For a select few, the stars represent truth and spirituality. They are symbolic of a human’s divine relationship with God. The star tattoo is a symbol of security and direction in numerous cultures.

Purple is used by which gang?

Watts Crips of Grape Street – Wikipedia.

What is Chicago’s most powerful gang?

The Gaylords of Chicago

In the Blood gang, what is a ruby?

35 Female Blood members are known as “Bloodette” or “Ruby,” and if a Blood member has a kid, the youngster is known as a “Blood Drop.”

What is the motto of the Blood gang?

The Original Blood Family (OBF) is a predominantly African-American street gang based in Los Angeles, California.


The Blood gang’s distinguishing signal

Founded Mid-1972


The majority of the population is African-American, but there are also numerous Latinos, whites, and Asian-Americans.

Which side does the Blood gang belong to?

The Bloods, who became one of the most violent and criminal African-American gangs in Los Angeles, are one of the most well-known of these gangs. In the Compton neighbourhood of Los Angeles, the Bloods established themselves around West Piru Street.

What gang uses the colour green?

While clothes alone cannot tell whether or not a person is a member of a street gang, colour and style help to distinguish each gang. Green indicates that the gang member is either professing neutrality or is a narcotics dealer for the time being. Some Hispanic gangs and Heavy Metal Anglo groups wear black.

What gang has a three-point lead?

Markings. Black and gold are the colours of the Latin King. A five- or three-pointed “holy crown,” LK, ALK, ALKN, ALKQN acronyms (or the full words), and drawings of the Lion or the King Master are among the gang’s marks.

Who are the Crip rappers?


Dazzie Dee is a fictional character created by Dazzie Dee.

Daz Dillinger is a character in the film Daz Dillinger.

Snoop Dogg is a rapper from the United States.

a dollar (rapper)

Dominoes are a type of game (rapper)

The Dove Shack is a place where you may buy doves.


West Side is a gang, but what kind of gang is it?

Westside Locos 13 (also known as “Westside Locos”) is a primarily Hispanic street gang centred in West Los Angeles that has a history reaching back to the 1970s.

What does a five-point star signify?

In modern culture, a five-pointed star (), which is a regular concave decagon geometrically, is a frequent ideogram. In Western culture, it has also become a symbol of celebrity or “stardom,” among other things. A pentagram is formed when the collinear edges are linked together.

What does a house with a star mean?

According to one Web site, the tradition of placing a star atop American residences dates back to the 1700s in New England. Farmers used five-pointed stars to decorate their barns as a sign of good luck, similar to a horseshoe.

What is the name of a 12-pointed star?

A twelve-pointed star polygon is known as a dodecagram.

What is the name of a ten-pointed star?

A decagram is a 10-point star polygon in geometry. One regular decagram exists, with the vertices of a regular decagon connected by every third point. The Schläfli sign for it is 10/3.