What Do Flareside and Styleside Mean?


A stepside truck bed is referred to as Flareside, whereas a conventional truck bed is referred to as Styleside. Stepside and fleetside are words used by Chevrolet and GMC, respectively.

The Flareside truck bed is distinguished by outside fenders and a ribbed step built into the side of the bed between the cab and the rear axle. This was the styling of the original pickup trucks. The Flareside has been dubbed as the “sport model” since the introduction of the regular bed. The Flareside bed features straight walls on the inside, allowing lengthy items to lay flat across the width of the bed. However, the bed’s overall breadth is smaller than the Styleside.

On a regular, or Styleside, truck bed, the fenders are located inside the bed. Unlike the Flareside, the outer sides of the bed follow the lines of the cab. On each side of the bed, the fenders create an arched region. This results in a narrower region in the bed where lengthy things can be stacked, but it also gives the bed a wider overall breadth. Some truck models, on the other hand, include these arches into the bed design to provide a tiered loading area. The interior of the bed has moulded channels on the front and sides that allow you to add a piece of plywood or sheet metal to create a level deck that runs the length of the bed.

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