What Color Does Pink and Purple Make?


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What do pink and purple produce when combined? When pink and purple are combined, the resulting colour is magenta or light plum. Some may refer to the combination of pink and purple as “radiant orchid,” a popular colour in the fashion industry. The hue of the new colour is determined by the proportions of purple and pink used in the mixture.

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What Happens When You Combine Pink and Purple?

Purple and pink are both variations of the colour red. When red and blue are combined, a purple colour palette begins to emerge. As for what colours you mix to make pink, red and white would be the way to go to start working with a pink colour palette.

Pink is the combination of red and white, while purple is the combination of red and blue. Since red is a base colour, the new colour is still a type of pink or purple. Most likely, the new colour will fall between red and violet on the colour wheel.

When pink and purple are combined, magenta or plum will contain a great deal of red. Since both pink and purple colour palettes contain red. Pink and purple combinations can be found in flowers, fabrics, fruits, and other places all over the world.