What Characteristics Did Albert Einstein Possess?


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Albert Einstein was a creative, clever, and soft-spoken guy who preferred solitude and immersing himself in complicated creations and thought problems over social contacts as a child and as an adult. Many thought he was distant, yet he was completely focused on his work. At social occasions and with friends and family, Einstein always felt out of place. He mistreated his first wife Mileva Maric and boasted about his numerous romances.

Albert Einstein’s early childhood and growth are unknown. Although Einstein was a reluctant talker as a child, there are conflicting tales of his beginning to speak later in life. He excelled in arithmetic and creative topics, but he was uninterested in anything that required rote memorization or imposed a single way of thinking on students. As a result, he did not fit into the Prussian educational model of the period and rejected it. Although he struggled to learn foreign languages, Einstein was able to totally grasp his native German, indicating that he was not dyslexic.

Albert Einstein was an enigmatic genius and celebrity scientist to many of his peers and the general public. Those who had direct contact with him described him as forgetful and absent-minded. Einstein later said that he and other people were separated by a glass plane. He was never himself around them because he felt uneasy. This has been labelled as a form of social anxiety by some researchers. He was even estranged from his family, preferring seclusion to interpersonal interactions.

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