What Are Various Treatments That Can Help You Quit Smoking?


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Are you trying to quit smoking? Congratulations, because it is one of the best decisions you have ever made for your health. Everyone knows the risks of smoking, lung cancer, asthma, and other issues. Even people around smokers are affected by the smoke. So, if you are trying to quit smoking, nothing is better than this.

Quitting smoking is challenging because smoking is quite addictive. The nicotine in cigarettes makes them extremely addictive, and your brain chemistry wants you to smoke again and again to feel what you felt the first time you took a cigarette.

In addition, everyone has triggers; for example, if you’re sad, you might smoke a cigarette to feel better. These triggers make it challenging for people to give up smoking. But it’s not impossible, and here are the best few treatments to quit smoking that you must try.

Before that, if you are still thinking about why you should quit smoking, here are a few benefits of the same.

  • Quitting smoking reduces the chances of premature death
  • Reduces risk of cardiovascular health issues
  • Reduces a person’s risk of getting COPD
  • Reduces the chances of respiratory symptoms
  • Reduces the risk of several cancers, like lungs, liver, kidney, colon, and more.
  • Quitting smoking before pregnancy reduces the risk of a low-birth-weight baby.

Use nicotine replacement therapy (NRT)

The first method of quitting smoking, which is quite popular too, is nicotine replacement therapy. There are many options for nicotine replacement therapy as it comes in:

  • Prescription nicotine in an inhaler or nasal spray. Buy prescription nicotine online from https://smartstop.com.au/ for the best deals and quality.
  • Nicotine gum, lozenges, gums, and more which doesn’t require a prescription.

NRT uses a low nicotine level without carbon monoxide or other poisonous chemicals in cigarettes. Therefore, using it can help you quit smoking without feeling the side effects, like extreme mood swings. Most people over 18 can take NRT, but it is advisable to ask your GP for help first.

Quitting smoking cold turkey

Quitting smoking cold turkey means without using any medicine. People who want to quit smoking without medicine either cut back on cigarettes slowly or give up altogether. If you want to try this method, take advice from your doctor on slowly reducing smoking.

Moreover, you can also take help from support groups or a coach who can keep them accountable. The main issue with going “cold turkey” is that it can lead to extreme withdrawal symptoms. The urges and cravings are massive, leading many people to give in. Thus, prepare yourself mentally before you start this quitting treatment without medicine.

The advantage of using this treatment plan is that prescription medications have no side effects. It is inexpensive. If you do suffer extreme withdrawal symptoms, try a nicotine gum or lozenge with proper advice.

Quitting smoking with medicine

There are two known pills (medicines) you can take to quit smoking. These are varenicline and bupropion.


Take this pill twice a day, and start it a week before you quit smoking. The dose of the medicine increases gradually, and since it doesn’t have nicotine, it works differently than NRT. Many people find it simpler to use a pill to quit medicine, and it is quite a successful treatment too. It interferes with the nicotine signals in the brain, so your cravings for nicotine subside.

Remember, it is a medicine, so there will be mild side effects, which you can discuss with your GP if they increase. Also, it is a prescription medicine, so you cannot buy it over the counter.


The next medicine you can take to quit smoking is bupropion. You take this medication twice a day for two weeks before you quit smoking. It does not contain nicotine, so it works differently than nicotine replacement medicines.

You start taking it 1-2 weeks before actually quitting. This medicine also treats depression, which may help, as quitting smoking can lead to depressive episodes. It is easier to use but is expensive if you pay for it without a prescription.


Not a treatment but an alternative to smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes are electric devices that deliver nicotine in the form of vapor. This way, you inhale nicotine without inhaling other harmful substances. It can help you quit smoking if you don’t want to try NRT or medicines. Though they are costly and you may find yourself addicted to them.

With these treatments, proper support, and the right guidance from your doctor, you can quit smoking and get better. Every person has a specific treatment plan, so don’t start anything without proper consultation.