What Are the ILO TV’s Universal Remote Codes?


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1054, 1133, 1168, 1169, 1206 and 1230 are the most popular universal remote control codes for iLo televisions. If none of the codes work, the remote may be programmable without a code using Code Syncing.

To utilise Code Syncing, turn on the television, then press and hold the Code Search or Program Search button on the remote until the LED light on the remote begins to flash. Next, keep pressing the power button until the TV turns off. Press the Enter or Program button as soon as the television turns off. The capability may be installed even if the remote control does not have a specific Code Syncing button.

Turn the TV on, then click the TV button to use Code Syncing on a remote that doesn’t have a Code Search or Program Search button. Next, repeatedly push the Power or TV button until the TV turns off. Press the Enter or Program key. Restart the TV with the remote control, and double-check that all of the relevant buttons, such as Vol+ and Ch-, work properly. Any component with an IR sensor, such as DVD players and sound systems, can be controlled using the same techniques. Instead of pushing the TV button, press the appropriate source button.

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