What Are The Dimensions Of A Graduation Cap?


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The graduation ceremony is around the corner and you must be wondering as to what you should wear.

This article is not for artists who were meticulously planning since day 1 as to what has to be done while graduating and worrying about the shade of the colour of the robe and everything like that.

It is for people who at the last minute decided to let it all go to hell because either I’ll be buying a cheap cap and a gown for the same or I’ll be happily making one myself. Let me search on the internet for this and… You landed here. 

Well, congratulations first on completing your graduation. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to just wear that cap and a gown and then throw the cap in the air once the graduation is announced and everything like that. But, you don’t need to be the odd one out just because you didn’t get your cap dimensions right. Let’s look at the details in a question-answer format below. Here they are:-

What is the material used for making the graduation cap? 

Ans. Before we jump onto the dimensions and everything, let me clarify for those who have just searched for this and landed here. Because, after reading this article you don’t need to search or research anything as I’ll include everything related to this topic. 

So, as for those of you who don’t know what the materials used are, let me make it clear that you don’t have to buy a cloth or have to get a sewing machine or something with this.

It is made up of cardboard and I’ll let you in on the details as to how it is made too, later in the article. 

Also, if the thought of wearing cardboard over your head makes you itchy, you can get a simple velvety or silky sheet of fabric and staple it to the cap. In this way, it would look better and you can feel way more comfortable in the same.

Also, you can even paint the cap white with a red front to mimic the Hokage’s cap (yes, the number of questions asked about how to make one on the internet is far more than this topic). 

So, what are the dimensions of the cap? 

Ans. The cap measures about  9 1/4in x 9 1/4in as for dimensions but if you don’t know how to calculate the same… Well, this is why I said you don’t have to look anywhere else. I’ll guide you through the whole process. 

How to make a graduation cap? 

Ans. As I said before, I’ll guide you through the whole process so why not just make it now? I’ll also include why you should buy a cheaper gown and things related to the same in the upcoming question so that you have both the options of whether you need to buy the same or make a DIY cap for yourself. Also, you can make a cap at home too, the instructions are as follows:-

  • Take a ruler and get a white (for anime fans, or only take a white card paper if you feel that you won’t stand out or it won’t be rejected in your college) or black card paper. 
  • Now there are two things that we need to make here. First is the circle that would fit on your head and the second is the square plane above the circle. 
  • If you feel your height is not average and you are shorter or taller than most of them in your class, you should first take a rule and measure the length sideways, two fingers above your ear to the top. 
  • As for most of you guys, you can take the width as 15 centimetres and it would be perfect. Or, just take 15 centimetres for everyone as you would have to fold too.
  • Now cut 15 centimetres in width and about 26 centimetres in length of the black/white paper that you just brought. 
  • Take your ruler and fold the paper sideways (i.e with respect to its length) about an inch or so. 
  • This would make a crease and mark the lines that you would have to cut. 
  • Now, from the shorter side, cut 7 equal parts of the total length. 
  • Fold the paper strip into a circle and glue the ends so that now have the circle that would fit your head. As for the 7 cuts, fold them gently inside to make the caps head. 
  • Now, everywhere it would be mentioned that you need to stick the cardboard on the top and you are done, but I am warning you, you need to be careful regarding this, so wear the same circle and make sure that it fits. 
  • Cut out a 30 cm by 30 cm square and glue it on the top. 
  • Now for the most important thing. Make sure that you have a small circle about 2 cm in diameter ready-made up of foam or strong cardboard, coloured with the colour of your cap ready for the same. 
  • Attach the 9in tassel onto the surface and you are done.

What if I don’t have a tassel?

Ans. No worries. As I was researching the dimensions, many people didn’t know where to find one. You can shop it online and you can get it for a few dollars. It would be perfect and then you can stick it onto the same. 

For those who can’t get it delivered on time, you can buy yarn of wool and follow these steps:-

  • Wrap the yarn around your fingers in a loop about 50 times. 
  • Tie it in the middle and cut both the ends. 
  • Now make both the ends come together and tie another thread to make sure that the middle is perfectly bounded with the same. 
  • Attach the string to the small piece of foam and you are done! (You can trim the edges to make it even and look better).

What if I buy a cheap graduation cap and a robe?

Ans. As for the robe, you can literally wear anything. Even a black cassock would do the job. As for the cap, it’s better to make it yourself in a few dollars rather than spending on something which you are going to wear once in your entire life. 

If you are thinking about buying a cheap one, why not make it yourself and don’t spend it at all?