What Are Some Norwegian Grandma Pet Names?


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Grandmothers in Norway are referred to as “godmor,” “gammlemor,” “farmor,” and “mormor.” The last two terms allude to the mother of the father and the mother of the mother, respectively. “Bestemor” is the generic term for “grandma.” The phrases “farmor” and “mormor” are also used by Swedes and Danes to refer to paternal and maternal grandmothers.

In order to distinguish between the paternal and maternal branches of families, Scandinavian countries tend to utilise kinship terminology when referring to grandparents. Grandchildren are also given names based on their connection. The daughter’s daughter is known as “datterdatter,” the son’s daughter is known as “sonnedatter,” the daughter’s son is known as “datterson,” and the son’s son is known as “sonneson.”

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