What Are Some Famous Colleges and Universities’ School Colors?


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Blue, white, and red are the most prevalent hues used by the eight Ivy League colleges in the United States for its emblem. None of the Ivy League universities have the same colour scheme.

Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania are among the eight Ivy League schools in the United States. Cornell, Dartmouth, Brown, and Columbia are the others. Each of these schools has a unique blend of school colours, each with a long history behind it.

The colour of Harvard is crimson. Two members of the rowing team handed their comrades crimson-colored scarves to wear during a regatta in the 1850s, and the colour has stuck ever since. Students were allowed to choose between crimson and magenta as the official school colour in 1875, and they chose crimson. The Magenta, the school newspaper’s name, was altered right away. Yale University’s hue, Yale Blue, was inspired by the uniforms worn by crews in the 1800s.

Princeton, another well-known Ivy League university, wears orange and black. Since William III of Nassau, who had a building named after him at Princeton, was also the Prince of Orange, a student recommended orange as a school colour in 1867. The hue stayed, and black was added later as a complement.

The colours of the University of Pennsylvania are blue and red, which are the colours of the American flag. The university has strong historical linkages to the establishment of the United States because it is located in Philadelphia.

Columbia University’s colours are blue and white, Cornell University’s are white and carnelian, and Brown University’s colours are red and brown. Dartmouth is the only Ivy League institution that uses the colour green.

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