Welch’s Fruit Snacks Use What Kind of Gelatin?


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Depending on product availability, Welch’s employs pork or cow gelatin in its fruit snacks. Pectin is also used in the production of the company’s jellies, jams, and spreads.

Gelatin is a protein extracted from the skins, cartilage, and bones of animals such as cows and pigs by boiling. This clear gel-like substance has a slight yellow tint and has almost no taste.

Welch’s uses gelatin in its fruit snacks because it helps give them a solid but gummy texture. It doesn’t give the snacks any animal flavour. This protein simply requires a cool place to set; no additional ingredients are required.

Pectin, a plant-based carbohydrate, is also used by Welch’s in other goods, such as jams. Pectin is obtained from apples or citrus peel. Pectin gels and firms up, yet it lacks the tensile strength of gelatin.

Pectin also needs additional substances to activate, such as sugar and an acid. The increased sugar level may change the flavour of any pectin-based dish. Pectin is therefore found in many high-sugar meals. Cheese, yoghurt, soup, marshmallows, and icing are all examples of foods that include gelatin.

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