5 Ways to Welcome a New Employee to the Office


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It is essential to make a new employee feel welcome. Interestingly, according to a study by Brandon Hall Group, organizations with a robust onboarding process can boost their new hire retention by 82 percent.

First impressions say a lot to your employees; therefore, ensure your onboarding process makes new employees feel welcome and appreciated. Here are five ways to welcome a new employee to the office.

1. Draft a Welcome Email

One of the best welcome messages to a new employee is a welcome email. A welcome aboard email is a great way to make new hires feel comfortable on their first day.

In the welcome letter, provide details about the job offer, including pay, working hours, dress code, and information about parking. The letter may also come with a “welcome to the team” message. Moreover, you can create digital signage that provides details like wayfinding information, company culture, and the management hierarchy.

Additionally, how to welcome a new employee begins with communicating about your company name and company policies. You may also create signage that introduces new employees to the whole team.

2. Show You Appreciate Their Contribution

A study by Gallup established that only 12% of employees believe their organization does a good job onboarding employees. This means 88% don’t think their organization is good at onboarding.

In many cases, new team members feel like they should keep their heads down and work the same way they have done in the past. Therefore, let your new employees know that you appreciate their fresh perspectives and hope they will inspire positive changes.

A good warm welcome message is to empower new colleagues to experiment. Many new co-workers spend their interview process trying to impress the human resources department. Starting off with this mindset isn’t suitable for your new colleague. If your new employee feels comfortable making mistakes, they will experiment and may develop great ideas.

Furthermore, you should demonstrate your growth mindset. If you believe in developing your employees’ talents, then you have a growth mindset. So, start your new hires with a first impression that you are always available to help them achieve their potential.

3. Provide Everything They Need Before Their First Day

Before a new employee’s first day, you must familiarize them with what to expect. For example, let them know if they require a tag with the employee’s name, swipe card, digital media player, or any technology. Moreover, ensure their workspace is set up, and any required resources or tools are readily available on day one.

When employees start their new job, and nothing is set up for them, they will feel awkward and unimportant. New employees shouldn’t spend their start date wondering if they have the wrong swag or what to do.

Therefore, ensure you update the employee handbook and have some training and preparations ready for the new recruit. This is one of the warmest welcomes to prepare them for the job so that they can take on their new role.

4. Encourage Coffee Chats with Team Members

Another way to make a new employee feel welcome is to encourage employee engagement. They need to feel like they are part of your team. As a result, encourage existing team members to ask your new hire out for a coffee chat to ensure they feel comfortable.

Alternatively, you can organize for an employee to give the new recruit a tour of the office. This will allow them to know their way around and who to report to. It also makes the employee feel like part of the team.

Furthermore, when a new worker interacts with other employees, it enables you to identify a mentor who will help them adjust to their work environment. Also, you will have a chance to spot their skillset and team them up with the right employees.

5. Stay Patient and Available

New employees adapt well to a new position if you are patient with them and available to offer support. All new employees go through a learning curve. So, assure your new recruits that it’s normal to have lots of questions.

What’s more, you should let new hires know how to ask their questions. For example, you can encourage new hires to pose questions through email, instant chat, LinkedIn, or by responding to digital signage templates.

The best way to help new employees steer a company to new heights is by giving them a chance to learn. A positive onboarding experience promotes customer retention. Cut your recruit some slack and create the impression that they are a valuable asset to your company.

Closing Advice

Before you check in a new employee to your organization, create a well-thought-out employee onboarding strategy. How you welcome your employees will determine whether they last past the first week.

Thus, onboarding is an excellent way to encourage new hires to feel welcome and appreciated. New workers best work when they feel like they have your good wishes and the support of their co-workers.