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It’s time for your annual holiday party and all the guests will start arriving soon. You go to the kitchen sink to rinse off some extra coffee cups when the water begins to deepen, and before you know it, threatens to spill out onto the floor! You have a blocked drain! Why is it that things like this always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times?

Fortunately, there is help available, just ring up your local expert plumbers who specialize in blocked drains in Northern Beaches to clear up your kitchen disaster, even on a holiday! Everyone will have their coffee now thanks to their friendly, quick, and efficient service! So, that’s one problem solved, but really, prevention is the best answer, so what do we need to do to keep our drains from blocking in the first place? Here are some tips that should help things flow smoothly in the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom!

Grease – Even if you have a kitchen waste disposal unit installed to flush away cooking debris, it’s important that you never, ever pour grease down your sink. What was a flowing liquid when you dumped it in quickly cools and congeals into a semi-solid mess that sticks to your pipes. This will build up over time until you end up with that icky, awful blocked drain, sadly a very common plumbing problem that could be entirely avoided with some care! The best practice is to always have a disposable can or jar ready to receive the grease so you can toss it in the bin instead of clogging up your drain with it!

Lint – There is nothing worse than finding your laundry room has turned into a soapy bog! Little bits of stray fabric, loose buttons, old tissue paper forgotten in pockets, and good old lint can clog up your washing machine hose, spelling disaster! To prevent this from happening in your home you should install a mesh lint trap at the end of the machine’s drain hose. You will need to remember to empty it out frequently or it will fill up and you will be back to soapy bog again!

Things That Should Not Be Flushed – There always seems to be someone among our friends and family who is operating under the mistaken assumption that the toilet doubles as a rubbish bin. Of course, this is most emphatically not the case, and every time they come for a visit, afterwards you have to get out the plunger and clear the jam of cotton swabs, tampons, dental floss, cigarettes, toothpicks, and way too much toilet paper that they have so thoughtlessly flushed down your commode! The simple answer is- don’t do it! Always have a small wastebasket next to the toilet, and if necessary, place a sign that says clearly and politely “Please Don’t Flush Trash Down The Toilet! Ever!!!”

You can always check The Plumbing Code of Australia for more info on what’s best for your home’s waterworks!