Unique & Thoughtful Gifts for Your Bestie’s New Baby 


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Unique & Thoughtful Gifts for Your Bestie’s New Baby 

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Nothing says “adult” more than the announcement of your childhood friend’s pregnancy, especially when they’re your best friend who you’ve known throughout the vast majority of your life. 

Alongside the array of practical and indeed, entirely necessary packs of diapers, mats, one-pieces, and other items, your best friend and their newborn baby deserve more indulgent and unique gifts too, so here are some of the best. 

A Time Capsule

These days, time capsules have become almost obsolete due to the simple fact that for children born after around 2010, every moment of their life is documented online, specifically through photo and video uploads to social media.

However, a fantastically different and meaningful idea for a long-lasting gift is to put together a collection of items, newspaper cuttings, and other items of interest from the week of the baby’s birth and give it to your best friend to keep safe until the baby turns sixteen. 

Designer Outfits

As previously touched upon, new parents are always grateful to receive bumper packs of reusable diapers and one-pieces, but a beautifully different gift would instead be a designer outfit or indeed, other forms of designer baby clothes that are less practical and much prettier.

If your best friend is religious and is therefore intending on christening their child, you could even offer or indeed, surprise them by choosing and paying for their christening outfit when the time comes. 

A Pamper Hamper for Her

Often, in the excitement of the arrival of a new baby, even though everyone seems to be fussing over the new mother, it can often be a time when they’re never given a treat themselves, and as they’ve done all of the hard work, this is something you could change.

Arrange an aesthetically pleasing pamper hamper containing everything from luxury bath soaks to sweet-scented candles and tempting chocolates, and present this pamper hamper to your friend once she and the baby are safely back home.

Other ideas for your best friend’s gift, rather than the newborn baby, include the following:

  • Soft and cozy loungewear sets and fluffy slippers
  • An annual magazine subscription for yummy mummy fashion
  • A home-cooked three-course meal cooked by yourself
  • A statement necklace, ring, or pair of earrings 

Milestone Record Gifts

The fourth and final unique and thoughtful gift to consider presenting to your best friend who has just given birth is something to help record those adorable and treasured first moments and milestones of her newborn. 

Cards detailing such events as the first the baby starts to crawl, walk, or talk can be arranged in the cot or crib for the perfect frame for a photograph and you could even offer to have these milestone photographs printed and framed after the first year.

Regardless of the unique gift that you choose for your best friend who has just given birth, the thought and sentiment behind your choice will only strengthen your bond and connection and cement your friendship for the rest of your lives.