5 Types of Sliding Doors to Give Your Home That Modern Look


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Sliding doors are a practical choice for indoor and outdoor spaces as they create large openings for natural light and connect the indoors and outdoors. They also save space when opening and accessing closet spaces. With increased interest in connecting to the outdoors, manufacturers are producing new and sleek styles. Sliding panels come in various styles that match different homes, giving you plenty of options to stylize your home while maximizing space. We’ll explore the different types of sliding doors to give your home a modern look.

What Are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are an essential design element in architecture that provide functionality and style. These panels comprise several panels that work together as a single unit and can move along a fixed upper and/or lower track when opened and closed. One of the most common setups is where one door stays in place while the other moves. From homes to offices, sliding shutters are now being used to create a sense of openness and flexibility, allowing for seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces. With their sleek and minimalist design, sliding doors will remain a timeless and versatile architectural element for years. 

5 Popular Types Of Sliding Doors

In this article, we will explore the most popular types of sliding doors available on the market, highlighting their unique features and functions.

Barn Doors

The Standard Barn Door System is a well-known method for sliding doors. It comprises a single barn entrance track fixed to the ceiling or wall. The single-door panel operates by sliding from one side to the other. These entryway systems are stylish and easy to operate. They’re often used in spaces without room for a traditional door, like narrow hallways. Rustic style can be added to nearly any space with these systems. However, adequate wall space must be available around the entrance because the opening will slide to the side and in front of the wall when open. To function correctly, the track system should be at least twice the size of the door’s width.

Bi-fold Doors

The Bi-Part Sliding Door system, also called the double doors system, is similar to the Standard System but has two panels or slabs that slide on each side of the track. It is an ideal option for improving space design and functionality. This type of door suits large openings like great rooms, master bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. It can be used as a room divider, providing privacy between spaces and dividing a large room. However, it is essential to note that adequate wall space is necessary for each panel slab to open by sliding over the wall next to it. Bi-Part Barn Door Systems are an excellent choice for creating privacy between spaces and dividing a large room in homes with large doorways and open floor plans.

Bypass Doors

Bypass sliding doors are a type of sliding door system where the entrances slide on separate tracks, with one door in front and the other behind. When opening or closing, the frames slide in front of each other so they won’t cover the wall next to the frame. This system requires less wall space and is ideal for wide doorways with limited wall space. Bypass systems work well for closets, offices, sitting rooms, bathrooms, or other rooms with limited wall space. They offer privacy and a rustic aesthetic, making them a good choice for master suites or as a divider between living and dining rooms.

Pocket Doors

The Pocket Door System is similar to other door systems, but the panel slabs go inside a pocket instead of sliding over the wall. When the door opens, the slabs are hidden in the pocket and out of sight. This system is ideal for areas with limited space or spaces where a closed enclosure is only occasionally required. Pocket doors are also great for minimalist designs where a sliding door would be too distracting. They are perfect for smaller rooms or tight hallways because they leave the corridor completely clear when they slide into the wall cavity. Pocket Entryways add a stunning and modern design element to interiors and exteriors in addition to their functionality. An open floor plan can be broken up with them, and they can add an aesthetic touch.

Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a contemporary double opening that provides a modern and stylish look while allowing natural light to enter a space. Made up of two large glass panels that slide on tracks, they are easy to operate and can connect indoor and outdoor spaces, like patios or decks, while also being suitable for separating interior rooms. An added advantage is that they can help to improve energy efficiency by reducing drafts and heat loss.


Sliding doors are a versatile and stylish design element that can add beauty and functionality to any space. The endless options, from barn doors to sliding glass doors, allow homeowners to choose the perfect sliding option for their specific needs. With sliding doors, you can create seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor spaces while maximizing space and natural light. By selecting the right sliding door for your home, you can add a modern and timeless touch while improving energy efficiency and functionality.