5 Travel Trends for 2024


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There is almost nothing more looked forward to than a good vacation.  After working hard for most of the year, people want to take a break, where they can rest, relax and recharge.  While many still take traditional road trips or a week at a cabin on the lake, others looking for more adventure or unique vacation experiences.

These are some of the top trends, experts predict will shape travel in the coming year.

Culinary Travel

Travellers are expressing a desire to connect more deeply with their destination.  One way this is being expressed is what is dubbed culinary travel. It’s more than going to a great restaurant at your destination.

It involves getting more personally involved in the food and beverage experience.  Whether that is visiting a local market with a guide, attending a privately hosted dinner with a local family, or taking a cooking class.  Meeting new people, and participating more in the local lifestyle is what some people are looking for.  This mode of vacation travel is on the rise.

Wellness Travel

This is another trend that will continue to increase in the coming year.  Travellers are recognizing that a vacation is a unique opportunity to disconnect and prioritize personal well-being.

Luxury wellness resorts in Thailand offer detox programs and deal with stress and weight issues.  These are the types of activities a growing segment of travellers are looking for.  Physiotherapy, holistic treatments, fitness activities, spa treatments and other activities designed to promote a lasting sense of wellness and well-being.

Travellers are hoping to use this type of trip to jump-start a healthier lifestyle, that they can carry back to their everyday world.

Adventure Travel

Vacations centred around cycling, hiking, wildlife sightings, and the like show skyrocketing demand.  More people want a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment from their vacation.   People are looking for extraordinary experiences with lasting memories.  

More and more people are interested in getting outdoors and enjoying nature.  Walking, hiking and trekking tours are showing growing popularity.

For adventure travel make sure you know how to stay safe and healthy.

Set-Jetting Travel

Believe it or not, an increasing number of people are selecting their travel destination based on the backdrop of their favourite television show or movie.

Many locales featured in popular television series have seen an increase in visitors. After being exposed to beautiful scenery week after week in a television series, many travellers now want to see it and experience it for themselves.

Slow Life Travel

In keeping with the wellness theme listed above, many travellers are showing a preference for the slow lane.  

Laid-back destinations that offer the opposite of a jam-packed itinerary.  It used to be travellers would try to force as much sightseeing, and side-trips as possible into their trip.  Nowadays vacationers are showing a preference for longer trips and a more relaxed pace.  

If you are planning a trip to a foreign destination, make sure to check with local immigration authorities.

When you plan your next trip or vacation, see if you can incorporate any of these trends into your next adventure.