The Most Favorable Time to Play the Yakuza Series (on Xbox)


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For almost one and a half-decade, the franchise by yakuza proves to be everything but exclusive to the PlayStation console by Sony. Besides the Japan-only Wii U, remaster of the first two games are every single mainline entry of the spin-off that got released on Playstation 2, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4.

With that came Microsoft along with which came Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy. Thereafter it has only started becoming the flagship Japanese Japanese series for Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service.

It had its start under a year ago with the addition of yakuza 0 and with this week you can get the option of playing almost every Line yakuza game on the game pass.

You can also get it coupled with the fact that the next generation of yakuza: like a dragon proves to be still exclusive to the Xbox series consoles.

It also came with PlayStation 5 version that is not set to arrive in March and there is also an improbable conclusion to that including the PC branch of the ecosystem.

It has become the easiest and best way for getting into the city the recent changes this week there has been an addition of the three-line all of which came with the master versions of Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 and is available on the game pass for Xbox and PC.

This happened right after getting the bundled PlayStation 4 that was released in 2019. The games had their origination out of PS3 that meant that they would have been available for being played on the modern systems with the assistance of backward compatibility.

They do not particularly work in the form of impressive quotes on a technical level similar to many other Yakuza games on Xbox. All of them also run at 1080 p and 60fps with the little apparent benefit for the most powerful Xbox consoles.

It can be said that the honest opinion about it is giving the agent source material that proves to be perfectly fine.

What’s most amazing in this case is the ability to play almost the entire mainline yakuza. It is fit for the price of the game pass subscription. It can be said that everyone can get access to it because the series prove to be incredibly good.

Nothing works better than yakuza blending with the brutal violence, comedy as well as incredible moves in the context of the crime drama action RPG.

Without Taking the Topic Any Further, Let’s Start With the Discussion About the Recommended Tips

  • Start with yakuza 0. Normally you would always love to play the first game in the series because it will be giving you a complete idea about the second one and then the configuration in the series. The Japan series is widely considered being one of the best and is a perfect place where you can start. You can also get to know about the background of what is going to come next.
  • Next, you can play the yakuza kiwami. This is the perfect remake of the original yakuza that was released for the PlayStation 2 in 2005. It came shortly after 0 and is technically quite similar with a bunch of the narrative call back to the particular.
  • Right after that is yakuza kiwami 2 that is a remake of the PlayStation 2 game 2006 yakuza. However, there is a slight difference in the way of movement to the PS4 that was first seen in Yakuza 6 and is quite a more accomplished game when compared to kiwami.
  • Then go ahead with playing yakuza 3, 4, and 5 this is the point that will be the most perfect for you to get the prospect of the straight-up PS3 master. It won’t seem intimidating at all. This is the best one. You can get among 3, 4, and 5 because you will get through all of them quite easily.
  • After that, you can wait for Yakuza 6 that is the song of life for coming to the game pass. It won’t be too long for waiting because it’s going to happen only on March 25th. The Other recommended option that you can get access to is playing PS4 before them. However, in this step, you have to keep in mind to play it that way because it’s going to be a wonderful experience.
  • Finally, you can look for the games like a dragon that is also referred to as yakuza 7 in Japan and is perfect for playing. The newest game is very different when compared to others that have the all-new cast and turn-based battle system. However, you will get a little more out of it when you have already played the other games in the series. This part is going to be the best for your experience.

Final Word

Playing with the yakuza series from the one on the PlayStation 2 has been a wonderful experience for us and we find that it’s expansive and accessible. The recommended games that are mentioned above are perfectly fine for playing with Xbox pr PC.

It will give them plenty of happy times because it becomes the single best reason for subscribing to the game pass.