The 8 Best Musicals In To See On Broadway Right Now


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If you’re wondering whether or not you should watch a Broadway performance while in New York, the answer is an emphatic “yes.” BUT it’s not always easy to decide which show to watch. So, to assist you, we have compiled a list of the finest currently running Broadway productions in New York City. And we’re sure that whichever show you choose, you’ll have a fantastic time…

Broadway Show #1 – Hamilton

The first US Treasury Secretary as the subject of a rap musical! Although with this topic it may not be the first musical anyone would choose to see, Hamilton has quickly become the most popular show on Broadway.

The musical, which spans nearly 30 years of Hamilton’s life in America, depicts the story of the “10 dollar founding father without a father” who came to the country as an orphan after a hurricane destroyed the small Caribbean island he called home.

However, there is more than meets the eye to any given situation. His friendships, loves, families, and the first affair in the country are all explored in the musical. The legacy of Alexander Hamilton will endure long after he “throws away his shot” in the duel of 1804.

Broadway Show #2 – Moulin Rouge

The long-awaited Broadway debut of Moulin Rouge! Fans of both the 2001 film and the musical have waited a long time for it to hit the stage. Moulin Rouge recreates one of the most beloved musical films of all time. Still, you shouldn’t count on a musical to be an exact replica of the source material.

The Al Hirschfeld Theatre, where Moulin Rouge plays during its Broadway run, is entirely reconstructed into a luxurious setting befitting a musical that sparkles with diamonds. Premium seats in the front Orchestra section feature small tables and seats thatare modelled to replicate those in the Parisian theatre of the same name, further reinforcing the show’s resemblance to the original Moulin Rouge.

Broadway Show #3 –  MJ The Musical

MJ The Musical appeals to audiences of all ages. The King of Pop was entertaining audiences across the world with his songs and performances since the 1960s, till his death in June 2009 but didn’t mark the end of the era. MJ The Musical chronicles the inspiring tale of the legendary musician’s rise to fame and takes you back in time to relive the pivotal moments of his life.

More than 25 of his most popular songs and performances are featured, taking viewers back in time to key moments in his life. In addition to being an upbeat musical, this production also features never-before-seen footage from 1992, when the King of Pop was getting ready for his Dangerous World Tour. Experience the highlights of his life story as they unfold on Broadway.

Broadway Show #4 – Funny Girl

Funny Girl is an ode to Broadway that is complete in every manner. Tap choreography, Michael Mayer’s directing, and music by two of the most beloved composers of all time, Bob Merrill and Jule Syne, based on a book by Isobel Lennart that was reworked by Harvey Fierstein.

The inspiring life story of Lower East Side aspiring actress Fanny Brice is told with aplomb in this melancholy comedy. Despite the fact that she was constantly told she would never amount to anything, she went on to become one of the most famous performers of all time.

Broadway Show #5 – A Beautiful Noise

A brand new musical for Broadway – the biography of Neil Diamond is dramatised in this upbeat musical, which incorporates such Diamond classics as “Cracklin’ Rosie,” “Sweet Caroline,” and “America.”

Neil Diamond, who grew up in Brooklyn, is the grandson of emigrants from Poland and Israel. Like the rest of the country, Neil wanted a new start in the ’60s and this performance looks at the life of the musical legend, from his thrilling beginnings in New York to the legendary sold-out concerts that defined his career.

Michael Mayer helms the production, and Steven Hoggett and Anthony McCarten are responsible for the choreography and script, respectively. If you’re a fan of Neil Diamond, you won’t want to miss A Beautiful Noise because it will change the way you view his career and life.

Broadway Show #6 – Some Like It Hot

You should not miss the Broadway production of Some Like It Hot if you enjoyed the 1959 musical picture of the same name. Christian Borle, Adam Heller, and Kevin Del Aguila are among the well-known Broadway actors who star in this production, which was written by Matthew Lopez and directed by Casey Nicholaw.

One of the most well-known comedies from the silver screen is brought to the Broadway stage in Some Like It Hot. This fast-paced, cross-country adventure about two best friends on the run is full of sass and brass and is not to be missed.

Broadway Show #7 – Bob Fosse’s Dancin’

Dancin’ by Bob Fosse is an unabashed ode to dance and a tribute to the lasting influence of one of the greatest choreographers in musical history. Director Wayne Cilento, who also starred in the original Broadway production, has updated his musical masterwork for modern audiences.

Cilento gives the show a new spin while keeping Fosse’s personality, passion, and lasting impact intact. Whether you’re a seasoned Fosse lover or have never been to Broadway before, Dancin’ is the perfect experience.

Broadway Show #8 – New York, New York

New York, New York is a revival of a Broadway classic. In 1946, as the city recovers from the destruction wrought by World War II, a group of ambitious artists strives to make their mark. These artists of song, dance, and instrument discover that if they can make it in New York, they can make it elsewhere as they battle for recognition in a city that rewards only the toughest. 

This sparkling ode to the world’s finest metropolis has an original tale by David Thompson and Sharon Washington, and a thrilling new score by John Kander and Fred Ebb. Lin-Manuel Miranda contributes additional lyrics, and Susan Stroman directs and choreographs.

As you can see Broadway really is geared up for a fantastic year of musical theatre productions that include new productions, revivals of classic musicals and the conitunuation of some of the best productions of the past few years.- there is something for everyone.

So if you’re headed to NYC and want to check out the newest broadway shows you have lots to choose from.