Ithaca’s gentrification, food insecurity, heroin injection sites, and how to best support and participate in social justice movements: A conversation with Phoebe Brown

by Yana Makuwa and Katie O’Brien Phoebe Brown is a prolific activist and organizer in the Ithaca community. She is involved with many local nonprofits and justice movements, including the local chapter of #BlackLivesMatter, the Multicultural Resource Center at the Cornell Cooperative Extension, the Cayuga Medical Center, Greenstar Community Projects, TC Food Policy Council, and Ban-the-Box. Last year, Phoebe Brown ran for mayor as a … Continue reading Ithaca’s gentrification, food insecurity, heroin injection sites, and how to best support and participate in social justice movements: A conversation with Phoebe Brown

How Real is Cornell’s edifice complex?

Killed by Klarman Hall By Melvin Li Even if you’ve never been inside Klarman Hall you’ve at least heard about the massive construction project that shut down East Avenue for over a year—January 8, 2014 to April 19, 2015 to be exact—and got the Temple of Zeus moved yet again (it used to be in a storage basement until it moved in the 90s). Someone … Continue reading How Real is Cornell’s edifice complex?

In community we trust: Alternative currencies in Ithaca and abroad

Confronting capitalism through alternative currencies By Aurora Rojer The world-renowned economist Bernard Lietaer states, “Money is an agreement within a community to use something as a medium of exchange.” In the United States, we use the dollar. It’s not backed by anything physical; we went off of the gold standard in 1971. So if money is just a medium of exchange that we’ve all agreed … Continue reading In community we trust: Alternative currencies in Ithaca and abroad

Why do Ithaca and Cornell have two separate police forces?

CUPD: the long arm of the administration By Chris Skawski   About a year ago, CUPD came under fire for allegedly questioning several student protesters ahead of Cornell’s 150th birthday. The students, who had participated in and been identified as organizers, were pulled in to answer questions about their organizing practices and were told, “Disruptions to Charter Day would not be tolerated.” Basically, the administration … Continue reading Why do Ithaca and Cornell have two separate police forces?

Why Planned Parenthood is Essential to Ithaca (And Everywhere)

An interview with local activists Maureen Kelly and Liz Gipson By Katie O’Brien This summer, anti-abortion group The Center For Medical Progress released videos that were deceptively edited and spliced to make it appear as if a Planned Parenthood-affiliated social worker was facilitating the illegal sale of fetal tissue. The full videos, available online, show that the context of the conversation actually had nothing to … Continue reading Why Planned Parenthood is Essential to Ithaca (And Everywhere)


tinder in ithaca


I’m not opposed to hookup culture; in fact, if you’ve got a good grasp on safe sex, I say go for it. But I only say this because hookups are rampant on a college campus, and it’s really more so something I’ve gotten used to and accepted than something I’ve actively wished for. So imagine my surprise when Tinder suddenly became the prevalent mobile platform for “meeting” people at or outside of Cornell — air quotes to signify that meeting is not where it ends, if you’re lucky. Did we really need that? If you’ve been living under the cavernous seclusion of the Olin stacks for the last two years or so, Tinder is an app that connects to your Facebook profile. You can swipe right or left — yes or no, respectively — and if the potent gods of Tinder find two people who have an inevitable attraction to each other (two swipes right), there’s a match! What could go wrong?


The Under-appreciated Ithaca Karaoke Scene

an interview with DJ Dale



             For almost seven years, one man has brought karaoke to countless Ithaca bars for the enjoyment of the drunken masses. His name is Dale Harrington, but many know him simply as DJ Dale. Over the years, Dale has expanded his DJ and karaoke business into a successful lineup of shows Monday through Thursday, adding a bit of musical entertainment to Ithaca’s nightlife. I explore how he started. Continue reading “The Under-appreciated Ithaca Karaoke Scene”

America’s One-Stop-Shop Education System



Spring is nascent in the Ithaca air. The sun is finally peeping out of its hiding place; blue pockets of sky are beginning to poke holes in the gray winter clouds; stubborn snow is melting away from the grass, the trees, and the cars.

We all know this springtime feeling, but it is never complete without the cherry on top: Course Registration. Continue reading “America’s One-Stop-Shop Education System”

Four Collegetown Bars

and their corresponding emotional breakdowns



Life has been rough on you: your prelims have beaten you down like a gang of French Nationalist skinheads encountering a vaguely ethnic guy, your roommates have all just landed better internships than you, and most pressingly, you haven’t gotten laid in literally forever. Like, so long that your condoms (or, for inclusivity’s sake, dental dams) have actually expired. But, in the prophetic words of R. Kelly, it’s the freakin’ weekend, baby, and you’re about to have you some fun. This means alcohol. Continue reading “Four Collegetown Bars”

The Haunting in Ithaca

Cornell’s most notorious spooks


It is likely that, at least once, you have found yourself locked away and alone on a Saturday night while immersed in a scary movie. After the movie ends, you find yourself exiting into the hall. You run to the bathroom. The showerhead that has been broken since the beginning of the fall semester continues to drip. A creepy kind of drip… Drip… Drip… You quickly brush your teeth and turn toward the door. Scream. Oh, wait. It’s just the lovely and semi-disturbing howls of drunken Saturday night escapades at the TCAT bus stop. Okay, back to your room. Thud. Ugh, just another night of furniture rearrangement with your friendly neighbors on the next floor up. Continue reading “The Haunting in Ithaca”