The Cathartic Absurdity of Mel Brooks

Srsly, he’s pretty funny By Felicia Kuhnreich In today’s media, where there are so many outlets for comedy and so many funny people, I still always find myself returning to Mel Brooks. His brand of silliness is critically acclaimed (he is in the elite EGOT club), and I often regard him as a safe choice for a favorite comedian. Brooks’ lowbrow vulgarity drives movies such … Continue reading The Cathartic Absurdity of Mel Brooks

The IC Comedy Network

An interview with Ithaca College’s own comedy duo By Alyssa Berdie Online comedy networks such as CollegeHumor, Funny or Die, and Above Average are becoming hubs for great comedy content and breeding grounds for discovering new talent. For instance, many hit series on major networks, like Key & Peele and Broad City, began as independent web series. The Internet, social media marketing, and free video uploading … Continue reading The IC Comedy Network