The Extraness of Minimalism

By Abigail Mengesha Let’s not lie to each other. Minimalism is the most extra thing right now. Normally, the two terms are complete adversaries: denotatively, minimalism is the practice of using the least means necessary to achieve a desired effect, while extra, in its newly founded modern context, means doing the absolute most for generally no (or an unnecessary) reason. At first glance, it might … Continue reading The Extraness of Minimalism

Art in the Internet Age: An Analysis of

By Nathaniel LaCelle-Peterson It is with little fanfare that the Internet has seeped into the day-to-day routine of life. It is a quiet medium that regurgitates pictures of my friends smiling and pointing at waterfalls or platefuls of chicken-waffles, the day’s news, the day’s think pieces about yesterday’s news, and the vague affirmation of strangers quantified in likes, “wows,” and retweets. There’s rarely a waking … Continue reading Art in the Internet Age: An Analysis of