The Extraness of Minimalism

By Abigail Mengesha

Let’s not lie to each other. Minimalism is the most extra thing right now. Normally, the two terms are complete adversaries: denotatively, minimalism is the practice of using the least means necessary to achieve a desired effect, while extra, in its newly founded modern context, means doing the absolute most for generally no (or an unnecessary) reason.
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How Real is Cornell’s edifice complex?

Killed by Klarman Hall By Melvin Li Even if you’ve never been inside Klarman Hall you’ve at least heard about the massive construction project that shut down East Avenue for over a year—January 8, 2014 to April 19, 2015 to be exact—and got the Temple of Zeus moved yet again (it used to be in a storage basement until it moved in the 90s). Someone … Continue reading How Real is Cornell’s edifice complex?