Some Of The Most Popular Uses For Ute Canopies


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Image Source: Camp King Industries

The Australian utility vehicle affectionately known as the ute is the most popular way to get from Point A to Point B Down Under, because of its rugged frame and its ability to haul whatever you want to bring along with you! Because of their great versatility, today’s utes are used for a wide variety of tasks both recreational and professional. If you’ve got something to do, your use will work for you!

One of the best ways to perfect your ute’s ability to be whatever you want it to be is to install a ute canopy in Melbourne which you can then customize to your heart’s content. Be it for work or for play, the following are just a few of the most popular uses utes with canopy’s are put to, that you can use to inspire you:

Bicycle Rack 

Cycling has become a very popular national pastime, from family rides in the countryside to professional racing, there is a bike to match anyone’s tastes. You have probably seen people driving around with an attachable bike rack hooked onto the back of their car like an afterthought, and wondered if it’s a safe way to transport anything, much less an expensive quality bicycle! Why take the risk of a rear-end collision ruining your bicycle along with your back end? Any avid cycler, be they long-distance road riders or mountain bikers, should consider installing proper bike racks on their ute canopy! There’s space back there for not just one bike, but all of your bikes, plus you can easily put a canopy over them to shield them from the elements, and lock them down to prevent theft! Load those bikes on and hit the road!

Workbench and Tool Storage 

There are a lot of professions, such as construction and plumbing, that require you to be mobile and haul your tools with you so you can do your job on-site. There are also plenty of hobbies that require the same setup, like camping and fishing. Having a sturdy custom-made workbench located handily in the back of your ute makes it easy to accomplish your tasks, especially considering that the necessary tools are conveniently stored in sturdy chests where they are safe from theft and ready to go to work.

Mobile Kitchen

In recent years food trucks have become increasingly popular, wherever there is an event, or people are gathered, you will see someone selling piping hot food from the back of their ute! The ute canopy’s uniquely customizable framework is the perfect platform to house a mobile restaurant on wheels that you can take anywhere for any occasion! This doesn’t just have to be for business’s sake, having a kitchen in the back of your ute while on a camping or fishing expedition will really make roughing it a walk in the park, imagine being able to serve up top-notch meals wherever you are, even in the wildest locales!

Your ute canopy can provide you with just about anything you can think of that you might want to transport on the roadways, a little bit of imagination is all it takes to make your ute dreams come true!