Setting Up a Home Improvement Business in UAE – Tips from the Professionals


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You might be looking to set up a blinds company; whereby you visit homeowners, measure up and show them fabrics and products, or perhaps you have the skills to build extensions and are offering custom builds. The home improvement industry is booming, as UAE homeowners wish to upgrade their living space and in this short article, we offer a few tips to help you create a successful business.

Get Your Marketing on Point 

Know your target groups and find cost-effective ways to reach them with your message. Contact a leading UAE digital marketing agency and let the experts create a marketing plan that delivers the desired results. Social media is very powerful, while search engine optimization is important if you want to receive organic search traffic.

Focus on the Client

Happy customers talk to their friends about their experience; one common denominator for all winning businesses is that they are all customer-focused. If it costs a little extra to make a client happy, there should be no question in your mind.

Showcase Your Work 

If you consider yourself a craftsman, then let the world know; hire a videographer to document a project, write a script, take some before and after images and create an image of quality and excellent service. Indeed, you should take

Join Building Federations 

Nothing adds credibility like being a member of a reputable building federation/association and advertise the fact. There are independent standards organisations and joining these is a sign of quality and dependability; display all badges on your website and social media pages and link with reputable organisations to boost credibility.

Support Capital

A new business might take a few months to gain some traction; make sure that you have adequate funds to support the business for at least 6 months. If you don’t have instant access to money, you are at risk if invoices are settled late; cashflow is an integral part of business management.

Cultivate your relationships with suppliers

You will have at least one builder’s merchant that supplies essential construction materials and fostering a positive relationship means they will extend a line of credit if the need arises.

We hope that the above information helps you carve out a share of the home improvement sector in the UAE.