Set the Holiday Mood This Year with Christmas Decorations


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A wintry forest setting is enchanting and may be used year after year. Plus, if you’re going for a natural aesthetic, you may decorate your house with “free” flora from your yard and cheap materials to get a charming, homey feel.

Make a garland out of natural elements like pinecones, leaves, nuts, and berries to hang over the fireplace mantle. Hang low-priced paper stars from the ceiling or construct your own out of newspaper.

Bring in the pinecones each season

This seamless presentation is as delightful as it is simple, proving that sometimes just a little is enough. Simply combine your preferred candles with some pinecones and a few of decorations in complementary colors to create a festive centerpiece. Display casually and elegantly in the living room, dining table, in your entryway on a mantle or console table.

Timer counting down the days till Christmas

This charming alternative advent calendar is easy to construct and may be used year after year. The numbers 1 through 24 may be embossed or printed on each of 24 plain brown envelopes.

Then, stuff each packet with a little treat or a written hint leading to a concealed Christmas gift. Attach the envelopes to the wall using four short pieces of cable. Put some additional holiday spirit into your packages by tying them up with striped string or crimson ribbon.

Spend less on clothing by repurposing knits

One may easily and affordably establish a festive Scandi aesthetic with only a few essential items in fiery red, snow white, and natural materials. Look for vintage type-setting blocks from garage sales and flea markets to create a custom holiday message.

Find some red and white woolen sweaters or blankets from a thrift store and transform them into Christmas throw pillows or handmade stockings.

If you’re looking for high quality knitting materials, you can check out Mary Maxim in Canada.

Put on a wreath made of candy canes

The candy cane ornaments are sure to spark some creative ideas. Who knew the humble sugar cane could be twisted into colorful letters, glued into Christmas wrapping, and attached to wreaths? These sticky treats are a steal when purchased in bulk.

To have some lighthearted amusement, practice minimalism

A Christmas tree doesn’t have to be tall if you don’t have a lot of area in your living room. There is also the option of a sapling in a bottle or one that sits on a tabletop. Simplistic and entertaining!

Choose a color scheme while you’re wrapping presents to put under the tree; you may go with traditional Christmas colors or try something bold and unexpected to increase the knickknack quotient.

Condense your plan into a simpler format

If you’d rather not go all out, you can still create a warm and welcoming environment for the holidays while sticking to a more minimalistic theme by making use of the things you already own.

Wooden accents in crimson, white, and warm wood will provide a Nordic touch to a cool-toned living space. Instead of a large Christmas tree covered with ornaments, go for a little one decorated with lights and wooden ornaments. Hang a cardboard wreath over the mantel and decorate it with string lights.

Diminish the hue

Use a minimalist red and white Scandinavian motif in the dining area. Rather of spending a lot on brand new décor, just get out your red, white, or natural wood-themed cookware. Red and white candies, chocolates, and biscuits wrapped in foil may be used to adorn glass jars and place on shelves.

Metal cookie cutters may be used to create ornaments for a miniature tree by being strung with red ribbon. Simple cushion coverings made from white and red napkins may be used to spruce up the look of dining room chairs, and pinecones can be strung along lengths of striped baker’s twine and tied to the back of each chair as table centerpieces.

Bring some Holiday cheer into your bedroom

It’s cold outside, so it’s hard to climb out of bed, but if you decorate your bedroom appropriately for Christmas, you could just find yourself smiling in the morning. An eye-catching, contrasting blanket draped over the bed might be complemented with a couple of toss pillows in a similar color scheme.

Places of gold and red lights may do wonders to dispel the winter gloom when put on nightstands or windowsills. A simple strand of fairy lights strung from over bed frame or over the nightstand is all it takes to transform the space into a cozy winter wonderland.