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There are a lot of different tips for improving productivity: how to start your morning, what hobbies to take up, and even how to procrastinate properly. The only thing missing is recommendations for optimizing the workplace – that’s what we have prepared for you in this article.

For employers who want to improve the efficiency of their staff, optimizing the workplace of employees can be a good solution. Workplace optimization is a set of procedures aimed at increasing labor productivity, reducing costs, and boosting company profits as a result, but it also has a number of other indirect positive effects.

What are the Steps in Workspace Optimization for Office and Home

Do you feel better and more productive working in a well-organized surroundings? Your answer will be “yes” without any doubt, as your physical and mental state can be dependent on many external factors you can improve and change at any time. Let’s try to do it together and make our daily work tasks less challenging and time-consuming.

Do not sit at the desk all the time

No matter how well organized your desktop is, sometimes it pays to take a break or just change your body position, for example, simply by using Progressive Desk with its special ergonomic features. In the latter case, a special desk will help you to feel better and boost your working activity throughout the day. The only thing you need to do with it is to develop your own time formula of balance: to sit and stand from time to time.

By the way, studies show that if you take a five-minute walk every hour, you will be less tired and hungry.

Remove long cables that get in the way

Surely you have wires under the table from the system unit, keyboard, mouse, phone, headphones, and charging for mobile and other devices. You can hide all this stuff away if to apply special desk compartments, desk grommets, cable management and power solutions.

Adjust the chair and monitor to sit correctly

According to the Mayo Clinic research center, poor sitting posture can lead to negative consequences – headache, back and neck pain, breathing problems, pinched nerves in the shoulders, and jaw pain.

Change the position of your chair and monitor so that you sit upright. If you have a bad chair in your office, spend money on improving it. Poor-quality chairs cause fatigue and can even lead to back problems. When using an adjustable standing desk, you can control the desktop’s height to fit your body.

Put things away that you don’t use every day

Try to keep an eye on the things that surround you in the workplace. If you can remove the excess, you will feel a noticeable result.

Only the most necessary things should be on the desktop: a computer, phone, notepad, pens, and a bottle of water. The rest can be put on the table.

If you have a lot of papers, get a special cabinet for them. Better yet, scan documents and store them digitally. Nothing slows down productivity like being surrounded by paperwork and having to dig through the paperwork.

Keeping these cables out of the way is essential to maintaining a productive work rhythm. Align their length and secure them in one place with unique holders, clips, etc. There are even special organizers for wires. You can label the cables so you know which device they are from.

Put something on the table that will remind you of your goal.

Find one or two items that will inspire you to work and put them on your desk. It can be some kind of corporate award, family photo, or company motto. But keep in mind that there should be no more than three such items on your desk. In the upper left corner of the table, you can put an unpretentious indoor plant or a small watch. Put sources of important information, for instance, weekly business magazines on the bottom left. Such an organization of the workplace in the office is the most optimal.

Key Features in the Process of Workspace Optimisation

The process of workspace optimization, whether it’s in a workspace franchise or similar to that kind, affects many aspects of work activity and implies various implementation mechanisms. But first of all, this procedure concerns the following features essential for both sides:

  • Safety. A safer workplace reduces employer costs.
  • Time. It is one of the main resources of the employee. And, accordingly, the inefficient use of time, provided by poor optimization of the workplace, directly affects the overall productivity of the employee’s work, and hence its economic efficiency for the employer.
  • Comfort. An optimized workplace also has a positive effect on the general condition of employees, and their level of psychological satisfaction, which can also directly affect overall labor productivity.
  • Money spendings. Optimizing the workplace allows you to reduce the direct costs of providing working conditions for employees – this aspect should also be considered closely.

Make the workspace in your company more effective by using some of these hints and recommendations.