What’s the Difference Between Open Vs Closed Clippers?


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Open vs closed clippers – When it comes to deciding between open and closed guard, you must remember that when the taper lever is closed, the blade is at its lowest cutting position and more hair is cut.

When the taper lever is open, the blade is at its longest cutting position and less hair is cut off. You can close the blade by putting the taper level up towards the anterior end of the clipper. 

The closed guard is the typical guard position and is also known as the full guard position. The bottom combatant can choose between open and closed guard, depending on their requirements.

The open guard allows for better movement but comes with the possible downside of the opponent passing the guard.

The taper lever allows you to decide how close you want your haircut to be between guide comb lengths. Move the lever up to get a closer cut in the closed guard position and vice versa for the open guard position. This comes in handy in times when you wish to be precise with your cutting lengths.

We have already discussed how if the taper lever is closed, the moving blade is closer to the tip of the fixed blade. The haircut will turn out to be a blunt, precise cut.

What cuts more hair open or closed guard?

The closed guard cuts more hair. Here, the blade is at its lowest cutting position and the taper lever is brought to the front of the clipper you are going to use. In contrast to this, the open guard cuts less hair and the blade is at its longest cutting position. 

What is the open guard?

To put it simply, when the taper lever is pushed towards the back of the clipper, we term it as opening the blade. This is the open guard where the blades are the farthest apart.

In addition to this, the Standard Open Guard is also a position where your legs are not locked around your opponent’s waist, but your feet are on your opponent’s hips. 

What is a number 1 haircut?

A Number 1 Haircut is a little longer than a number zero and its length is roughly around 1/8th of an inch. The Number 1 guard is most popularly used for buzz cuts, but you can also use it to taper or fade from different numbers, such as a Number 2 or Number 3 haircut.

How short is a number 2 haircut?

A Number 2 haircut will give you more length than a Number 1 haircut. The length here is 1/4th of an inch. It is the most frequently asked for haircut irrespective of whether you have thin or thick hair.

This is mainly because the Number 2 haircut allows for a short layer of hair to cover your head and hide your scalp. 

Do you use clippers on wet or dry hair?

Clipper blades can rust if you use them on very wet hair. Moreover, hair that is dripping wet is almost impossible to style and cut. Towel dry your hair and then go in for a haircut as that will make it much easier for you to achieve the style you want.

What is the longest attachment for hair clippers?

The longest Wahl clipper guard is a Number 12 with a length of 1.5 inches and the longest Oster clipper guard is a Number 10 with a length of 1.25 inches. Similarly, the longest Andis and Remington clipper guard is a Number 8 with a length of 1 inch, while the longest BabylissPRO clipper guard is a Number 6 with a length of 0.75 inches.

Can you fade hair without a lever?

Yes, you can fade hair without a lever but it requires some practice. Most barbers will be taught how to fade without a lever because not all clippers come equipped with a lever. You have to complete the process by using different guards and blades.

When should I oil my clippers?

You should oil your clipper after each use. Your blades should also be oiled after you clean them. Trimmers too can be oiled after two or three uses. 

How short do Clippers cut your hair without a guard?

You can cut your hair using only clippers but the guard helps you achieve a precise length. You can even achieve a buzz cut with just some clippers but it will be a slightly difficult task.

What is pulling guard in MMA?

In MMA, most people try to pull guard by falling back to the ground haphazardly. This gives your opponent the undue advantage of standing back and disengaging. Most of the time, the referee will probably force you to get back to your feet again.

However, once you gain control, you can end up limiting your opponent’s ability to land significant strikes. You can then work your way into a triangle choke or an armbar.

What is the top full guard in MMA?

The top full guard is famously called the ‘‘Beatdown Position’ by Randy Couture. The half guard is also becoming exceedingly popular in MMA and is on its way to becoming a key position for playing off the back. In this technique, the bottom fighter wraps both legs around his opponent’s legs and tries to tackle him.

What is a 0.5 fade?

A 0.5 fade is a half fade in which the side of the hair is taken down to the skin to bald. In this haircut, the back and sides of your hair are trimmed down to a few millimeters before they fade into the longer sections of your hair. 

What guard do you use to blend?

To blend, it is preferable if you use a 6 or 8 guard on the top of the hair.

In a blended cut, the hair is longer on the top and shorter on the bottom. A size 6 guard is 3/4th of an inch while an 8 guard is exactly an inch long. These are the standard guards used for a fade haircut. You can use other guards to increase or decrease the length of your hair as you want.

How short is a fade haircut?

A short fade is a type of haircut with short sides and a short back.  Here, the hair gradually fades close to the skin. A fade haircut on crew cuts and buzz cuts looks both clean and tidy while providing a stylish contrast. 

What is a number 5 haircut?

The number 5 haircut is 5/8th of an inch long. This length allows you to style your hair in a plethora of ways. The top portion of the hair is long but you can add tapered sides to your haircut for a smooth transition between varying clipper lengths. This will look both presentable and fashionable. 

How short is a number 8 haircut?

The Number 8 haircut is exactly 1 inch long. Number 8 clippers are rarely used to trim the sides of your hair. Most barbers just use these to style the long hair on the top of their heads. The andis hair clipper size of this style is 5.3 mm in length.

How long is a number 2 haircut in MM?

In millimeters, 

  • A Number 1 haircut is 3.4 mm
  • A Number 2 haircut is 6.4 mm
  • A Number 3 haircut is 9.5 mm
  • A Number 4 haircut is 12.7 mm
  • A Number 7 haircut is 22.2 mm
  • A Number 8 haircut is 25.4 mm. 

Similarly, scissors also come equipped with different blade types and are used by barbers manually to style, thin, and trim hair.

How long is finger-length hair?

“Finger length”  can be estimated to be the distance between your scalp and the top of your finger. This generally adds up to be half an inch. This method gives stylists and barbers an approximate idea regarding how much hair you have on top to work it, making it great for short spiked hairstyles.

Is wet hair easier to shave?

Yes. This is because wet shaving gives you the closest shave possible as hair follicles soaked in water and gel become softer and thereby easier to cut. Cutting dry hair or shaving dry skin will give you an uneven look and might even result in some ugly bruises. 

What is a bald fade?

The bald fade haircut is a very popular style right now. It features longer hair on top and shaved sides and back. The fade is a term used to refer to the seamless transition from the top of the hair to the neckline. Clippers with guards and the blending technique are used when creating the bald fade.

Do you oil clippers before use?

It is recommended that you oil your clippers after and before each use. This will make cutting hair easier. To oil your clippers properly, hold the blades in a downward position.

Turn the clipper or trimmer blade on and add 2-3 drops of oil on the top blade. Soon enough, the oil will evenly spread out across the entire surface of the blade.